The fleeting appeal of social networks

It was only today that I heard the word hi5(that is if it can really be considered a word) from my history teacher who by the way is in her mid twenties she is far from what many conceive in their heads when they hear the words history and teacher occurring in that order,but non the less she is quite refreshing with a beautiful spirit.
Now my inspiration to write this blog came after my teacher’s revelation that she had received messages from hi5 friends over the weekend even though she has not been on the site since 2006(if you like myself are not familiar with what hi5 is then here’s a little background info:hi5 is a social networking site based in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2003 by Ramu Yalamanchi. By 2008, comScore reported that hi5 had become the third most popular social networking site in terms of monthly unique visitors.Bill Gossman was appointed CEO in April 2009, and since that time, hi5 has refocused itself as a social gaming platform and opened itself to new game developers.Gaming industry veteran Alex St. John joined the company as President and CTO in November 2009,and in early 2010, hi5 acquired social gaming company Big Six. The company raised $20 million in series A venture capital from Mohr Davidow Ventures, as well as $15 million in venture debt, in 2007, and announced it had raised $3 million convertible note from existing investor Mohr Davidow, bringing the funding up to $38 million. Quantcast reports hi5 has 2.7 million monthly US visitors and 46.1 million global visitors.Software-industry veteran Karen Richardson has served as chairwoman of the company’s board since 2008. In December 2011, the social networking site, Tagged, purchased Hi5 for an undisclosed sum.) Its Quite shocking but it really goes to show just how long your information stays on social networking sites,
Facebook™,myspace™ as well as twitter™and the newest tumblr™ are also no different,once you sign up hit agree and start sharing you keep sharing in fact facebook according to statistics would be the third largest country in the world based on population,with over half a billion users,facebook™ values over 20 billion USD well above the former canadian mobile giant RIM™
Facebook accounts can perhaps be deleted but necessarily destroyed since the information you grant to facebook is overwhelmingly valuable!
The most we can do is trust our instincts and try to avoid placing ourselves in any unwanted and chaotic situations,and simply hope the information we do sure will not grow to our demise in the late future!
As always stay safe and I’ll see you soon bye.

I must also express my gratitude to wikipedia for supplying the information on hi5!


Scamming reaking havoc!

I hope you are all well and you read my last post if you haven’t be sure to check it out.
Now unto my real reason for writing,besides wishing you well.
As you have probably been made aware the US is currently experiencing a high level of cyber and lottery scamming(this however is not new but it is much more on a rise). Jamaica in particular is one country to where majority of the masterminds behind these attacks have been linked. Here’s how it works, a seemingly flawless call from what appears to be a lottery cooperation contacts its unsuspecting victim,the idea is simply you are told that you have just won a supposed international lottery,(and you were unanimously chosen from all the other 5,999,999,999 other people on the planet ) now this “magic” money however has a catch. In order to claim your prize a secure wire deposit must be made to take care of the transfer fees, to send your prize from its false source.
It may seem almost whimsical yet thousands of people have been scammed in this way and their ages vary across the board!
Here are a few tips that I believe are a sure fire way to save you from this ludicrous act!
Firstly: “if it sounds too good to be true it is!!” Plainly put if you hear that you have won 1 million dollars and you only need $10,000 to claim it then its obviously fake!
Secondly” you will never need to pay for a monetary prize mainly because they can just wire it to you.”
Thirdly. “You can’t win something you didn’t enter! The cases of winning something you didn’t enter is about 1 in 100,000 so you would be unimaginable lucky!”
Fourthly “if you are getting so much money, why can’t they just take,the taxes out of your prize money?”
This is the most effective way to get a scammer buzzed off,and really just thinking about it you see it makes a lot of sense I need to send $1000 to pay for $50,000 just take it I don’t mind a free $49,000.
So all that said I hope you have all been made wiser of what to look out for if you feel you may be talking to a potential scammer.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you seen until then stay safe,and find new ways to spend your internet life! 🙂

a fashion show for nature

Hope you are all well I do sincerely apologize for my seemingly poor publication schedule.
As an environmentally considerate person I thought I would do a blog about the environment!
However I thought I wouldn’t just write what you have already heard which by the way is that “humans are destroying the planet etc etc.” Instead I would mention what I saw! At a prominent and traditional school in jamaica the environmental club thought of a fresh and inspirational way to promote environmental awareness in the idea of a fashion show.
Now this might sound like your everyday fashion show however it was much to the contrary interested designers carried their individual ideas to the drawing board to create economical and yet uniquely designed clothing, made from everyday materials such as plastic and newspaper scraps aswell as leaves!
The idea came together magnificently and although all contestants did not walk away with a prize each was unique in its own way and that made it a truly re-vitalising experience!
I think our environment plays a great role in our lives and possible the lives of our children and grandchildren and that environmental awareness is a key aspect of future development!
I believe many are mis concepting what being an environmentally considerate person or even an environmentalist is!
Being considerate does not resist change in fact it embraces it,what do I mean by this? new ideas that are environmentally friendly usually benefit all involved, I am truly tired of persons thinking that’s they’ll have to walk to work or sleep in a log cabin with no electricity to be environmentally friendly! Despite the fact that these are some ways they are not the only ways recycling a milk carton is also playing your part,even starting a backyard garden,you would be amazed but one tree produces enough oxygen for eight people for three days, imagine a back yard garden with several trees you would help the smog in a near by city by about 1% but what if ten persons did it. It wouldn’t be. 1% now would it? The truth is we all need to play our part,no matter how small if there isn’t a recycling program in your area then suggest it to the relevant authority,together we can make the difference!!
Be sure to leave your comments about how you do your part,or if you haven’t yet started share your ideas and plans for the future and I anticipate your feed back I will see you soon! Bye. 🙂

The outrageousness of online sign up terms and conditions.

If you spend your time like myself and many others on the internet signing up for the sites you’ve either been burdened by your friends to join or genuinely have an interest in then you probably have encountered some very outrageously long terms and conditions!
If you’re like many,and there are many! then you simple tick agree and get to what you’re really interested in.
But have you ever wondered that you’ll sign up for a site without reading the terms and conditions only to have someone show up at your door to claim your soul?
Can you just imagine a conversation playing out like this!
“Um hi? Who are you?”
Oh I’m just here about the video site you signed up for about a month now. ” And he/she probably throws in a candid smile!
“Oh um ok what about it?”
“Well as you now someone would come by to take your soul.”
“What? And you’re either thinking [this psycho should get off your lawn before you call the cops],or [I’m gonna shut the door in your face]
“Um there must be a mistake you can’t TAKE my soul”
“Oh no there’s no mistake it was in the terms and conditions! Didn’t you read them?”
And then you probably have a long flashback trying to recall if you did read them! Then you realize you didn’t and there’s a long awkward silence until your soul is taken and there’s nothing you can do about it!
Although the above scenario will probably never play out it’s still important to read terms and conditions non the less! Especially when it seems really really long because that’s when they’re hiding stuff.
Thanks for reading don’t forget to subscribe and as always continue to find ways for “a truly interesting ways to spend your internet life” bye 🙂

Has this ever happened to you?

As members of humanity we tend to have several awkward moments in your life how we treat them varies but we tend to choose contempt ever so often! But here are a few that can really be a tat of a downer: The moment when you don’t recognize or even remember the name of an old friend when they clearly remember you! this can be tragic the thought of being frowned upon by a long time acquaintance is enough to keep you up at night,but how could you possible solve this? its left to you. A suggestion though is to keep a souvenir of a friends whose acquaintance you have made or use a specific feature that wouldn’t change like a scar,tattoo etc.
Another awkward moment that keeps you up is The moment when you give out your number and you don’t know whose calling. Another typical flaw in memory especially if it was a busy day and who you gave your number to wasn’t on the top of your list. Keeping a journal should fix this nicely.
This might not frequently happen but when it does it stays with you for weeks The moment you’re walking with a friend and they meet a long time friend you don’t know, and you’re not introduced and you suddenly hit the back burner,it may seem inconsiderate of your friend but they might just be so overwhelmed that you diminish if you’ve never been on either side it may happen eventually and you’ll remember this blog,just try not to be too upset if it seems like forever before you were introduced and try not to sound too defensive when you ask “who was that?”.
Another awkward moment that will inevitably occur is The awkward moment when you don’t recognise your own hand writing this is just plain awful,especially since you’re the one who will probably end up having to ask others if they understand what it says and then be forced to endure their ridicule and humor. As for suggestions there are non the truth is you can’t really avoid this and it will happen sooner or later.
just remember awkward moments make us who we are,they remind that we are human and they also reminds us that sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy the finer things in life.
As always thanks for reading and remember always find new ways for “a truely interesting way to spend your internet life cheers :-)”

Some great books i’ve read.

if you’re like me then books make a great part of your life cycle. But finding a great book can sometimes be as easy. as finding a great blog which varies depending on the amount of time you’re willing to invest in this. Here however are some books that I found really interesting and intriguing. Joel C. Rosenberg is an author that I have found to be an amazing writer some books from him are “ The Ezekiel Option“,”The Last jihad(which is a holy war against non muslims perpetrated by muslims)”,”The last days“,”The copper Scroll“*a personal favorite and last but certainly not least “Dead Heat“,one perhaps stark truth about the novels currated by Rosenberg is that they have an uncanny way of coming true…while the situation conveyed in “the last jihad has already been conveyed in reality the rest especially in “Dead heat” is left to be seen,although perhaps not,these book will definately leave you gaping and cause you to pursue endless bounds to find out more. His book “epicenter” also provides an in dept assessment of the middle east and what to expect in future times.
While books about terrorism are not always on everyones mind the possibility is very real and reading it in a novel will atleast prepare us mentally for what it would be like in real time.
If you’re however more eased by reading about less psychologically traumatising novels then settle in a nice comfy chair after getting your hands on a copy of one of the “cat who…” Series by the late Lillian Jackson Brawn who passed away just last year! Unfortunately I had read her book sometime before researching her and had loved every minute of it! May her soul rest in peace.
As for those of you who aren’t frequent readers just grab a book and start reading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how captivated you may become. Thanks for reading.
And remember always find new ways for “a truely interesting way to spend your internet life“.

What’s your say on autonomous vehicles by 2020?

According to statistics in around 2010-2011 86% of americans drove to work,that’s an almost staggering number to calculate but what if they didn’t have to? But still had the convenience and peace of mind of their own vehicles. Sounds kinda sketchy and sounds like you’d have to hire a chauffeur? Well its autonomous vehicles to the rescue!! Many fear the safety of these future means of transport but what’s really to fear your car driving on its own? or having to wake up at mid-night to start getting mentally prepared for the commute to work only to wind up stuck in your drive way because all your neighbors had the same plan? The truth is we trust a lot of automatic things,why not our car,autonomous vehicles will still be fitted with manual functions for trips to the country but as for the early morning grind it will be up to the car, not the passenger and how many times have you needed to get work done but over slept and had to race to work to do it? And with sharper penalties for cell phone use while driving you might have to pull off the road just to tell your boss you’ll be late,which will make you even later since you just lost 2-4 spots in the bumper to bumper traffic.
So isn’t it time for autonomous vehicles? I think it is.

what to expect from my blog

Hope you’re all well and at peace with yourself. What to expect from my blog here at word andrae’s world was created to help me express my views publicly on a particular topic that I might find interesting and also to hear the views of others aswell,I hope to enjoy my time on wordpress and use this as a truely “interesting way to spend my internet life” 🙂