I have been away for so long guys and I have to say I am so sorry, but happy to report I am doing a lot better…Let’s see if I can give a short round up, my last post was January 13th so since that time I went on a mini trip for my Muse’s birthday which went great so I’ll post another blog with pics from that trip, I’ll also be blogging more regularly now so you can expect some of that :).

Apart from my trip, I have been working, got a full time position at my job which is pretty great,
I turned 20 🎉🎊🎉🎇 haha not sure how I feel about growing old but I am still thankful.
I’ve met some incredible people along the way and I hope to continue doing that.
Since the past few weeks I’ve been working on keeping a positive outlook and it has been wonderful. Somehow not attracting all the negativity I usually do, and I feel really happy about it!
So thats about all that’s happened in all that time, any other gap has been filled by work.

Oh and I got a cat 🐱


So all in all thanks for reading I hope this blogs finds you well, and expect more soon.
This is me, no longer a teen but still keeping high with my head in the clouds!


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