An early morning blog…

Its 12:30 am and work has me awake and alive, being shuttled home and missing my muse, we have a trip planned and I am so excited and thrilled about it. I haven’t been this excited and thrilled about anything in a long while so it really has my butterflies coming in, its been all I can think about ever since we made the plans, to have some good quality time together is really an exciting premise, yesterday work was good; despite having a shift that falls into two days I’m starting to adjust, and especially since I have realized I’m not a morning person, I suppose I enjoy the night, its quiet pleasure the absence of people (less anxiety) nights are also a great time to reflect on the days events and I suppose with all the brooding I do it’s only natural that I’d connect with the night the way I do.
Besides work I haven’t really anything else to keep me occupied and admittedly that’s a good thing, I enjoy how engrossing work can be at times the fact I can cower behind its massive impressiveness, the allure of employment, to not be pining over being dependent is really a wonderful feeling, and I have to admit that I have really grown to enjoy to my independence as delicate and fragile as it may be I do enjoy the feeling of power and control I draw from my ability to wield my own finances and I love how much I’m able to polish my muse with little treats of my affection, I suppose I’ve gotten to rambling by now haha but I do think a lot of what I’ve said in this blog serves to remind me of all the things that flood my mind on a daily basis and I can use my writing skills to pour out my colorful mind on the blank canvas.


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