A grey sky and big plans…

Hey guys so I’m a bit perked up, owing a lot to my muse and I talking and the phone when I got home and me getting lots of reassuring words, mixed in with lots of I love you’s which was so amazing and sweet and incredible haha so many adjectives. They are just such an amazing person, they’re so easy to love and I am so in love.
Haha okay in other news, its my daaaaay offfff haha I’m so looking forward to it, after I post this I may head back to bed or I might just get an early start hmm who knows?, I’ll let my body decide.
I have tons to do, I have to go to one of my banks, shop for clothes, shop for home improvement supplies, and some more miscellaneous things.
So I am off to seize the day my beautiful readers, have a fantastic rest of the day and we will talk soon:)
As always don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁☁🌠


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