A low day

Just a little update while on my way to work. So after getting in pretty late last night I woke up extremely early, like around 5:30 am . So now I feel really tired, I cleaned my room though with the extra time I had, finally able to see my bed after about 2 weeks haha don’t judge me I’m a teenager plus work has had me really engaged. But now I really just want a break, I’m feeling so over run, just wish I could stay home and sleep, my day off is tomorrow and I have so much planned but the way I feel now I may just cancel everything and sleep… As for my anxiety it’s been good the past few weeks mainly thanks to my perfect amazing incredible muse who I love to bits , but missing them has really taken a toll, today I feel especially insecure because I’m not a 100% satisfied with my outfit, and being in the new department just compounds it, I really want to just turn around and head home but I suppose that’s job abandonment or something.
So all in all it is a low day.
As always thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☺☁☁☁


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