End of shift brood….

Hey guys my shift just ended. Yeah I am still living and working by the light of the moon haha…tonight was alright got to my shift on time today (usually my overenthusiastic personality makes me get here up to 2 even 3 hours before my shift) today was different though mainly because yesterday night was long and also because between stopping at the gas station convenience store and buying ramen(a pack of which I am eating now in the completely empty cafeteria) then getting home and figuring out what to wear I dozed off and the next thing I knew I was waking up.
Decided to get a hair cut and with my loves help ended up getting a totally different style, in the end the barber was pleased with the result of his work and so was I, the hair cut took up most of my time to be honest but I suppose it was hella worth it.

Back to the present and I’m sitting here in the ominous cafeteria, and for some reason it makes feel lonely, my muse is out being engaged with friends and my anxiety is surging too much for me to force talking to them otherwise I may explode and blurt something poorly thought harsh and fueled by my insecurities, so I’m going to wait, by now my ramen is cold the air condition is not personal just deliberate

haha I think I’m reaching rambling proportions, hopefully my anxiety eases up as I can feel it creeping into my mind and the dozens of thoughts begin to flood my brain, and we all now what that darkness can be like for me. Hopefully it doesn’t get there.

Until next time guys don’t forget to keep your head on the clouds ☁


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