Early morning skies…

Hey everyone I suppose this can be viewed a sequel to my earlier post.

So after my anxiety had probably peaked in cafeteria and I just wanted to sink into the ground, my lover messaged me, to check in and to tell me how happy they were to have me, and in that moment I realized even more just how happy I was to have them in my life, they encouraged me to talk about my anxiety and how I was feeling and they helped put my anxiety to ease and my fears into perspective by the end of our conversation we were discussing our next date, and I was blushing happily in love.

I have to admit I am not completely used to this sappy in love side of myself but it has been a really interesting journey thus far and I am happy.

We talked until 4am I suppose that’s what in love people do :mrgreen:😁.

As always guys thanks  for reading
And I’ll try to keep you all posted.

Until next time don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁ hdybhk


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