A date under starry skies

Hey guys I have missed you all so much xoxo

Been busy with work as usual but apart from that it is  still wonderful and even more wonderful because I have met someone, Haha I know before you go off thinking about the perilousness of office romance just bare in mind that they are the most amazing person I have ever met.
They make me warm and fuzzy inside and I do the same to them and it is just really really awesome Haha I am babbling  and I have to go get ready for work Haha, missed you guys though and just needed to update you, and we went on  our first date yesterday and neither of us wanted it to end 🙂

Okay guys so gotta run but I’ll try and get you another update ASAP 😀

As always guys stay beautiful and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁

Until next time xoxo 


One thought on “A date under starry skies

  1. Sounds like you’ve found “the one” I hope you guys have a great love story and perpetual happiness and prosperity.

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