A grey sky and big plans…

Hey guys so I’m a bit perked up, owing a lot to my muse and I talking and the phone when I got home and me getting lots of reassuring words, mixed in with lots of I love you’s which was so amazing and sweet and incredible haha so many adjectives. They are just such an amazing person, they’re so easy to love and I am so in love.
Haha okay in other news, its my daaaaay offfff haha I’m so looking forward to it, after I post this I may head back to bed or I might just get an early start hmm who knows?, I’ll let my body decide.
I have tons to do, I have to go to one of my banks, shop for clothes, shop for home improvement supplies, and some more miscellaneous things.
So I am off to seize the day my beautiful readers, have a fantastic rest of the day and we will talk soon:)
As always don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁☁🌠


A low end to a low day…

So the day started low and I suppose it ended on a low note, like a deep hallow moan from a deep clay pitcher, so now I am  trying to head home, listening to Sia  and enjoying her very unique sound, I  suppose there is going to be plenty of music to soothe my aching mind tonight.

                      🌠Absalom 🌠

A low day

Just a little update while on my way to work. So after getting in pretty late last night I woke up extremely early, like around 5:30 am . So now I feel really tired, I cleaned my room though with the extra time I had, finally able to see my bed after about 2 weeks haha don’t judge me I’m a teenager plus work has had me really engaged. But now I really just want a break, I’m feeling so over run, just wish I could stay home and sleep, my day off is tomorrow and I have so much planned but the way I feel now I may just cancel everything and sleep… As for my anxiety it’s been good the past few weeks mainly thanks to my perfect amazing incredible muse who I love to bits , but missing them has really taken a toll, today I feel especially insecure because I’m not a 100% satisfied with my outfit, and being in the new department just compounds it, I really want to just turn around and head home but I suppose that’s job abandonment or something.
So all in all it is a low day.
As always thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☺☁☁☁

Cloudy night sky

Hey guys, I know I know it has been forever, I’m sorry I’ve missed you all dearly, I’ve just been so busy. Got moved to a different department at work, its the same work to be honest just a few differences but many similarities, so as I write I’m walking home under a dark and very cloudy night sky, it rained today but not at work so I suppose I missed it haha… The shift I have is also a little different and it has contributed to me not having much time for anything apart from work, starts mid after noon to late night, haha fun right?
Outside of that I’ve also been missing my muse because they have a very different shift owing partly to my department switch, we talk every day though which is awesome but I do miss seeing them all the time hopefully it’s sorted by next week and I’ll have them in my space haha… I’m being so obsessive right?
I honestly can’t help it, they really make me feel like I’ve never felt before. I miss them everyday I don’t see them.
Wow this is getting long haha Okay let’s see what else oh work is good despite the change also lots of new hires and I love helping them out with stuff, feels super .
Okay I think that’s it for now, thanks for reading guys, I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll catch up  you all soon ☺
Until next time XoXo
Don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁☁☁

A little update

Hey guys…I missed you, in all honesty not much has been happening and I must say my life feels pleasantly monotonous at the moment haha can’t imagine I would ever find myself saying something like that but hazah!!
Work has been good, omw as I type this with 30 mins to get in and get it together for my night shift, a part from that I’d say everything else continues to look up, my muse is still irresistible and incredible and fantastic and I don’t think I can imagine my life without them 🙂
So yeah just a little update hope you guys are all fantastic and feeling well☺
Until my next post
Don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds☁☁☁

Early morning skies…

Hey everyone I suppose this can be viewed a sequel to my earlier post.

So after my anxiety had probably peaked in cafeteria and I just wanted to sink into the ground, my lover messaged me, to check in and to tell me how happy they were to have me, and in that moment I realized even more just how happy I was to have them in my life, they encouraged me to talk about my anxiety and how I was feeling and they helped put my anxiety to ease and my fears into perspective by the end of our conversation we were discussing our next date, and I was blushing happily in love.

I have to admit I am not completely used to this sappy in love side of myself but it has been a really interesting journey thus far and I am happy.

We talked until 4am I suppose that’s what in love people do :mrgreen:😁.

As always guys thanks  for reading
And I’ll try to keep you all posted.

Until next time don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁ hdybhk

End of shift brood….

Hey guys my shift just ended. Yeah I am still living and working by the light of the moon haha…tonight was alright got to my shift on time today (usually my overenthusiastic personality makes me get here up to 2 even 3 hours before my shift) today was different though mainly because yesterday night was long and also because between stopping at the gas station convenience store and buying ramen(a pack of which I am eating now in the completely empty cafeteria) then getting home and figuring out what to wear I dozed off and the next thing I knew I was waking up.
Decided to get a hair cut and with my loves help ended up getting a totally different style, in the end the barber was pleased with the result of his work and so was I, the hair cut took up most of my time to be honest but I suppose it was hella worth it.

Back to the present and I’m sitting here in the ominous cafeteria, and for some reason it makes feel lonely, my muse is out being engaged with friends and my anxiety is surging too much for me to force talking to them otherwise I may explode and blurt something poorly thought harsh and fueled by my insecurities, so I’m going to wait, by now my ramen is cold the air condition is not personal just deliberate

haha I think I’m reaching rambling proportions, hopefully my anxiety eases up as I can feel it creeping into my mind and the dozens of thoughts begin to flood my brain, and we all now what that darkness can be like for me. Hopefully it doesn’t get there.

Until next time guys don’t forget to keep your head on the clouds ☁

A date under the sunset … My Muse

Hey guys its been crazy as usual, work has been busy and I’ve been swamped as I write this  I’m on my way to work, yet besides that I have been well, my muse has me taken in every way and I am still just trying to process how surreal they make me feel, being in love this time around feels like a daydream and I love it, we had our second date yesterday and of course we barely wanted it to end, it’s really great when you meet someone you can’t get enough of, and that’s how I feel right now, we squeezed so many memories into that one date that my mind is still reeling.
I suppose I kind of feel how lovers I used to see and think little of, feel. Now I understand their burning desire for each other and why they seem to radiate and shine around each other because its the way you feel when someone has an effect on your psyche, your internal being its amazing and scary and beautiful and it makes you anxious and crazy and worried and happy.
Our date was perfect, and I had one of the best nights of my life.
I don’t want you guys to think I’m making this up because I swear I’m not, but my muse literally just got on the bus and I swear my heart stopped for a second so now they’re next to me making blush insanely, and smile like the joker and I already feel like its going to be a very very good day.
Love you guys xoxo
Until next time.
Don’t forget to keep your heads in the clouds.  ☁ ☁

A date under starry skies

Hey guys I have missed you all so much xoxo

Been busy with work as usual but apart from that it is  still wonderful and even more wonderful because I have met someone, Haha I know before you go off thinking about the perilousness of office romance just bare in mind that they are the most amazing person I have ever met.
They make me warm and fuzzy inside and I do the same to them and it is just really really awesome Haha I am babbling  and I have to go get ready for work Haha, missed you guys though and just needed to update you, and we went on  our first date yesterday and neither of us wanted it to end 🙂

Okay guys so gotta run but I’ll try and get you another update ASAP 😀

As always guys stay beautiful and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds ☁

Until next time xoxo