Nights Shifts and missing mom

Hey guys, just a short post for thought as you can imagine I have been crazy busy with work, which is why I haven’t posted, I have missed you guys and I hope you guys are all doing great, for the most part I am good, work last night was awesome the night atmosphere is really invigorating and unique, I haven’t had any social anxiety attacks even though I am still just getting to know the majority of the people I work with, they are a fantastic set of dynamic and warm people and they make me feel right at home.
Despite the enjoyment of my new job and the night shift I must say that there is a down side.
I have not seen my mom in 2 whole days and I miss her, call me a mommy’s boy or whatever but I love my mom a lot and I’m proud of that, she is an amazing person and I love how close we have gotten over the past few months especially when I was going through my rough patch, I can talk to her about my anxiety and she gives me advice sharing her own experiences and offering solutions, how could I not love a mom like that?
Because her shift is so different from mine when I am coming home she is leaving and visa versa, in spite of this she has made so many preparations for me even more than I could have asked for, from leaving bail out money to cooking me lunch and breakfast, and tidying my room.
My mom is just so wonderful and I am so happy to have her.

Thanks for listening guys.
As always keep your head in the clouds.
I hope you all have a fabulous day ☺


7 thoughts on “Nights Shifts and missing mom

  1. Glad your job is going well. Your Mum sounds amazing so no wonder you miss her. I miss Dave during the week. When I am in work he isn’t and vice versa. I really love the weekends when we are both off work even more now x

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