Late shift and Red skies

Hello everyone I hope you have all been fantastic, I have been excellent for the most part, ☺

So lets see where to begin hmmm, okay well had the nightshift last night and I basically just got home so after posting this I am going to nap ;), haha I have been so sheepish all morning I think I am having sleep withdrawal, anyway I missed the Red Moon, sighssss I have to say I am so utterly disappointed, funny enough I was awake during the whole thing I was just too busy working my ass off haha oh well, I’ll just wait until 2033 to see the next one, hmm I wonder if I can file a claim at work on the grounds of missed celestial opportunity? What do you guys think?
Besides missing the moon my night was overall a good one and I’m optimistic about the upcoming week ☺.
I want this post to be longer, but I really need this nap haha so until next time guys stay wonderful, and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds.

This is also my 100th post what a coincidence, a post about a rare moon for my century post.🙆

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