In my city I don’t need to like everyone…silver skies

Oh  my gosh guys, I have missed you all . Haha okay so maybe I am being a little dramatic, blame my new job its hard to not be perky so bite me. Any who’s I hope everyone is doing fantastic and I have to say that I have been for the most part. Let’s see I had more job training which was cool and I continue to be my new self and loving it, the few days I haven’t blogged I was a little sick,  well in fairness I was more than a little but I am better now, a lot better and I am glad. Got pissed off today though and whether I am being petty or not I don’t appreciate being one upped, set up, upstaged or anything of that sort, and today I was pretty upstaged and it did not sit well with me one bit, for our training we get tested periodically to ensure that what we are learning sticks , which I would say is only fair. Now this other trainee failed her test once because she was Ill, okay fine I passed straight away I might add, and mind you I wax even more sick than she was but I got 1 question  of 44 or so wrong, and I finished in 15 mins, now I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but this test was easy and nearly all the questions were from other smaller tests, this was the big “whammer” anyway she failed and other people failed and a resit was set up, today. She failed again, and I’m sure my trainer was a little less than leased with the outcome, but what pissed me off was that she had the audacity to say that I kind of threw her off because I was talking, now wait one damn minute, this is a resit this would actually be the third or even forth time she is seeing these questions like what the hell? Am I being petty ? I think not…
I wasn’t even talking to anyone and I was more than one seat away from her so what the hell?
I am obviously going to let this go but honestly people can be the worst to deal with at times but after all in my city in the clouds I don’t need to like everyone.

Thanks for listening to my rant guys, I hope I don’t sound too petty because I don’t think I am, as always stay fantastic and keep your head in the clouds

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