Clear Skies and a date

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having yourselves a fantastic weekend, mine is going well, going to hang out with my newest friend later and I can honestly say I can’t wait, between the nervous knots in my stomach I am actually  quite excited about going out, it has been a while since I have gone out and this is my first time since my new job and my new self, I’m happy with the person I’ll be with too because they really contribute positively to my calmness.
Today in general was slow which I didn’t mind to be honest, kind of spent the day picking at different tasks and waiting for the time to wind down.
The past couple days I have been called out by the people I cut off for cutting them off , how ironic , I mean “HELLOOO” obviously I cut you off for some reason like “DUH” I’m not crazy, I am so tired of people assuming that I am going to spend my life waiting around for them to eye my importance, these new days I have a new attitude and part of that is not to tolerate people who take me for granted,so they can all bite me because I’m not changing my mind.

Thanks for reading my rant guys haha.
Until next time, stay awesome  and  keep your head in the clouds. ;)😁


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