Caramel skies

Good morning and goodnight to my wonderful followers, as my night shift escapades continue to bow and ebb I have to say that I have found a new taste, and that is the taste for coffee;- black coffee to be precise, as I write this post a Luke warm foam cup, in my hand gently steaming, and filling the air with its aroma, this was work, a dark caramel colored liquid filled with oddities and completely addictive, I suppose you could say I was at this point addicted to work, to my job its warmth and unexpected stickiness, its aroma, the way it stained, I suppose anyone who looked at me now could see the caramel stain of being employed, an interesting euphemism I might add, I was like a coffee monger or a tea leaf picker barrelling on, driven by an intense passion, a rigorous master.
The murky liquid shifts uneasily in the foam cup, reflecting the shining lights above and absorbing the cool night air, the caramel color complemented by my light handed sweetening, it was a thick mix, too sweet for my tongue as it cooled, it became a syrupy unintelligible brew, this was work..

Thanks for reading guys
As always don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds.


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