Silver skys

I had the night shift again I think at this rate, its going its gonna rear dangerously close to losing its luster and magic, but besides that it continues to keep me challenged and upbeat, even though while I write this my brain is probably turned to mush, from all the analytics.
Everything is pitch black outside and the air is eerily still, save for the occasional car that lessens with each passing hour.
Yesterday I made  a new friend by total coincidence, and so far we have been enjoying each others company over phone anyway we haven’t actually met yet but I am looking forward to it a lot.
mom is getting me a studio of my own which is closer to work, that would definitely be nice to have.

I suppose that I about as much as I can churn out without blacking out from sleep deprivation, I might be stretching the story a bit Haha but hey I’m one tired cat and I’m aboutta take a nap.
Thanks so much for reading.
Remember to keep your heads in the clouds.
XOXO until next time may you all be safe and wonderful.


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