Night shift brood

Today was a long day, my shift ended 45 minutes ago and so far my body is still recovering, I can’t deny that I love my job despite how complicated and tiring it can be at times, but I love it I love the way it keeps my mind exhilarated and my hands constantly in motion I love typing, I love the sound of keyboards clicking violently all around me, and I also like the coworkers I crush, I suppose I am not drawn for office romance but a guy can dream  huh? As for my being single I suppose you could say they pulled the its not you it’s e card *rolls eyes* oldest trick in the book but I for a moment almost flipped , I was devastated almost caving in on myself, then something changed and I let it go, maybe because I just triy to convince my self that I didn’t need then to be happy and truth be told I didn’t, since my new job its been all I think about and that’s a good thing for me, I need balance, control and routine, I need to know what I will be doing every single second and maybe its my ocd or maybe I’m crazy but anyone who can’t accept that can bite me. Either way all in I am fantastic and I have cut off a great deal of people who have been fueling my anxiety and I feel great without them.

Until next time keep your head in the clouds
Thanks for reading


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