It has beeeen forever…and missed you guys

Hey everyone its been forever, and I have missed you all so much, I have been so tremendously busy I don’t even know where to start haha okay let’s see, got a new job, got a new phone, now I’m officially single (‘ll explain that in a follow up post, promise okay),  so let’s start with the new job, I started like a few weeks ago and so far it has been totally awesome, I guess it even helps my anxiety these days because I can just immerse myself in my work and its like no one else matters, and that’s a fantastic feeling, I also had a night shift twice so far and at first I was a bit nervous, this was my first night shift evvvveer but honestly they have so far been the two most fantastic work nights of my life, the atmosphere was so laid back and welcoming, so far I’m working on my friend building skills and I’d say I’m making good progress 🙂 as for my new phone its fantastic. Point blank haha. So that’s just a little update for you guys and I will try and keep you guys updated more frequently, also blog name changed again I think this new name really captures the mood I have been in for the past month or so.

Thanx so much for reading everyone.


Keep your head in the city in the clouds
x new slang too haha :)x

Bye guys


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