Nights Shifts and missing mom

Hey guys, just a short post for thought as you can imagine I have been crazy busy with work, which is why I haven’t posted, I have missed you guys and I hope you guys are all doing great, for the most part I am good, work last night was awesome the night atmosphere is really invigorating and unique, I haven’t had any social anxiety attacks even though I am still just getting to know the majority of the people I work with, they are a fantastic set of dynamic and warm people and they make me feel right at home.
Despite the enjoyment of my new job and the night shift I must say that there is a down side.
I have not seen my mom in 2 whole days and I miss her, call me a mommy’s boy or whatever but I love my mom a lot and I’m proud of that, she is an amazing person and I love how close we have gotten over the past few months especially when I was going through my rough patch, I can talk to her about my anxiety and she gives me advice sharing her own experiences and offering solutions, how could I not love a mom like that?
Because her shift is so different from mine when I am coming home she is leaving and visa versa, in spite of this she has made so many preparations for me even more than I could have asked for, from leaving bail out money to cooking me lunch and breakfast, and tidying my room.
My mom is just so wonderful and I am so happy to have her.

Thanks for listening guys.
As always keep your head in the clouds.
I hope you all have a fabulous day ☺


Late shift and Red skies

Hello everyone I hope you have all been fantastic, I have been excellent for the most part, ☺

So lets see where to begin hmmm, okay well had the nightshift last night and I basically just got home so after posting this I am going to nap ;), haha I have been so sheepish all morning I think I am having sleep withdrawal, anyway I missed the Red Moon, sighssss I have to say I am so utterly disappointed, funny enough I was awake during the whole thing I was just too busy working my ass off haha oh well, I’ll just wait until 2033 to see the next one, hmm I wonder if I can file a claim at work on the grounds of missed celestial opportunity? What do you guys think?
Besides missing the moon my night was overall a good one and I’m optimistic about the upcoming week ☺.
I want this post to be longer, but I really need this nap haha so until next time guys stay wonderful, and don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds.

This is also my 100th post what a coincidence, a post about a rare moon for my century post.🙆

In my city I don’t need to like everyone…silver skies

Oh  my gosh guys, I have missed you all . Haha okay so maybe I am being a little dramatic, blame my new job its hard to not be perky so bite me. Any who’s I hope everyone is doing fantastic and I have to say that I have been for the most part. Let’s see I had more job training which was cool and I continue to be my new self and loving it, the few days I haven’t blogged I was a little sick,  well in fairness I was more than a little but I am better now, a lot better and I am glad. Got pissed off today though and whether I am being petty or not I don’t appreciate being one upped, set up, upstaged or anything of that sort, and today I was pretty upstaged and it did not sit well with me one bit, for our training we get tested periodically to ensure that what we are learning sticks , which I would say is only fair. Now this other trainee failed her test once because she was Ill, okay fine I passed straight away I might add, and mind you I wax even more sick than she was but I got 1 question  of 44 or so wrong, and I finished in 15 mins, now I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but this test was easy and nearly all the questions were from other smaller tests, this was the big “whammer” anyway she failed and other people failed and a resit was set up, today. She failed again, and I’m sure my trainer was a little less than leased with the outcome, but what pissed me off was that she had the audacity to say that I kind of threw her off because I was talking, now wait one damn minute, this is a resit this would actually be the third or even forth time she is seeing these questions like what the hell? Am I being petty ? I think not…
I wasn’t even talking to anyone and I was more than one seat away from her so what the hell?
I am obviously going to let this go but honestly people can be the worst to deal with at times but after all in my city in the clouds I don’t need to like everyone.

Thanks for listening to my rant guys, I hope I don’t sound too petty because I don’t think I am, as always stay fantastic and keep your head in the clouds

Clear Skies and a date

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having yourselves a fantastic weekend, mine is going well, going to hang out with my newest friend later and I can honestly say I can’t wait, between the nervous knots in my stomach I am actually  quite excited about going out, it has been a while since I have gone out and this is my first time since my new job and my new self, I’m happy with the person I’ll be with too because they really contribute positively to my calmness.
Today in general was slow which I didn’t mind to be honest, kind of spent the day picking at different tasks and waiting for the time to wind down.
The past couple days I have been called out by the people I cut off for cutting them off , how ironic , I mean “HELLOOO” obviously I cut you off for some reason like “DUH” I’m not crazy, I am so tired of people assuming that I am going to spend my life waiting around for them to eye my importance, these new days I have a new attitude and part of that is not to tolerate people who take me for granted,so they can all bite me because I’m not changing my mind.

Thanks for reading my rant guys haha.
Until next time, stay awesome  and  keep your head in the clouds. ;)😁

Caramel skies

Good morning and goodnight to my wonderful followers, as my night shift escapades continue to bow and ebb I have to say that I have found a new taste, and that is the taste for coffee;- black coffee to be precise, as I write this post a Luke warm foam cup, in my hand gently steaming, and filling the air with its aroma, this was work, a dark caramel colored liquid filled with oddities and completely addictive, I suppose you could say I was at this point addicted to work, to my job its warmth and unexpected stickiness, its aroma, the way it stained, I suppose anyone who looked at me now could see the caramel stain of being employed, an interesting euphemism I might add, I was like a coffee monger or a tea leaf picker barrelling on, driven by an intense passion, a rigorous master.
The murky liquid shifts uneasily in the foam cup, reflecting the shining lights above and absorbing the cool night air, the caramel color complemented by my light handed sweetening, it was a thick mix, too sweet for my tongue as it cooled, it became a syrupy unintelligible brew, this was work..

Thanks for reading guys
As always don’t forget to keep your head in the clouds.

Silver skys

I had the night shift again I think at this rate, its going its gonna rear dangerously close to losing its luster and magic, but besides that it continues to keep me challenged and upbeat, even though while I write this my brain is probably turned to mush, from all the analytics.
Everything is pitch black outside and the air is eerily still, save for the occasional car that lessens with each passing hour.
Yesterday I made  a new friend by total coincidence, and so far we have been enjoying each others company over phone anyway we haven’t actually met yet but I am looking forward to it a lot.
mom is getting me a studio of my own which is closer to work, that would definitely be nice to have.

I suppose that I about as much as I can churn out without blacking out from sleep deprivation, I might be stretching the story a bit Haha but hey I’m one tired cat and I’m aboutta take a nap.
Thanks so much for reading.
Remember to keep your heads in the clouds.
XOXO until next time may you all be safe and wonderful.

Night shift brood

Today was a long day, my shift ended 45 minutes ago and so far my body is still recovering, I can’t deny that I love my job despite how complicated and tiring it can be at times, but I love it I love the way it keeps my mind exhilarated and my hands constantly in motion I love typing, I love the sound of keyboards clicking violently all around me, and I also like the coworkers I crush, I suppose I am not drawn for office romance but a guy can dream  huh? As for my being single I suppose you could say they pulled the its not you it’s e card *rolls eyes* oldest trick in the book but I for a moment almost flipped , I was devastated almost caving in on myself, then something changed and I let it go, maybe because I just triy to convince my self that I didn’t need then to be happy and truth be told I didn’t, since my new job its been all I think about and that’s a good thing for me, I need balance, control and routine, I need to know what I will be doing every single second and maybe its my ocd or maybe I’m crazy but anyone who can’t accept that can bite me. Either way all in I am fantastic and I have cut off a great deal of people who have been fueling my anxiety and I feel great without them.

Until next time keep your head in the clouds
Thanks for reading

It has beeeen forever…and missed you guys

Hey everyone its been forever, and I have missed you all so much, I have been so tremendously busy I don’t even know where to start haha okay let’s see, got a new job, got a new phone, now I’m officially single (‘ll explain that in a follow up post, promise okay),  so let’s start with the new job, I started like a few weeks ago and so far it has been totally awesome, I guess it even helps my anxiety these days because I can just immerse myself in my work and its like no one else matters, and that’s a fantastic feeling, I also had a night shift twice so far and at first I was a bit nervous, this was my first night shift evvvveer but honestly they have so far been the two most fantastic work nights of my life, the atmosphere was so laid back and welcoming, so far I’m working on my friend building skills and I’d say I’m making good progress 🙂 as for my new phone its fantastic. Point blank haha. So that’s just a little update for you guys and I will try and keep you guys updated more frequently, also blog name changed again I think this new name really captures the mood I have been in for the past month or so.

Thanx so much for reading everyone.


Keep your head in the city in the clouds
x new slang too haha :)x

Bye guys