A quick late night brood…

Hey everyone its the end of another day and laying on my back in
bed I found myself in a brood, mainly over my relationship and the fact that I have been very keen in the “giving them space” department but suddenly realizing that I miss them tremendously(I have been using this adjective wayyyyy too much) and I really really want to talk to them because its been almost 72 hours and my mind is running completely amok, but despite this I’m trying hard to hold my head, and keep things rational so just thought I’d pour my heart out in this quick post and hope it helps before popping a sleeping pill and pausing all my thoughts until in the A.M.
I can’t say my anxiety has peaked yet, but its bubbling aggressively because I can’t help getting flooded with break up lyrics of sad songs, and as much as the proposed “break” is temporary the possibility of permanence is seducing my anxiety out of its cage and I want to just quiet the noise, but until I get some feed back then I’ll be blogging for the sake of therapy and trying desperately to keep my sanity.
Life is choppy Seas-The Voyaging Voyager


Breaking and stuff

Hey everyone so its been nearly a month since my last post and after checking in to see how Gemma was doing I’ve decided to write something.
So let’s see where do I start quite a bit has happened, worked part time some time last month which was cool, because it meant I would have some spending money that I earned which is always a nice thing, this was after I went back to volunteering can’t really remember if I had mentioned that I did volunteer work at the school near my house, so if I didn’t well now you know, that continues to go well and I may go back to help with summer school, unless work rears its part time head from the narrow sea, Haha speaking of the narrow sea…Game Of Thrones I am beyond anxious for season 6 and I’m still mourning poor Jon Snow but I am hopeful for a magical and valiant return. Besides Game of Thrones taking a break so has my long distance relationship and I’m taking neither one well, and ironically each one is beyond my control, so all I can do is find other things to do with my now seemingly non auspicious life schedule, in any case I’ve overthinked everything several times over and had to take radical steps to keep my sanity, but all in all I’m trying to cope.
Started gardening, and I’ve directed a lot of attention to doing outside work in the yard and trying to keep everything rational and level headed, lost my appetite for sometime following the collapse of my edgy relationship but that’s steadily improving and I’ve rekindled my affection with my diet.
So all in all I think that’s about all I can think of right now and if anything new pops up I’ll head it up in another completely impromptu blog like this one, as for right now I’m hungry haha…
See you soon and a big thanks for reading.
Life is still a Voyage – The Voyaging Voyager 🙂