I’ve been away again

Hey everyone sorry about not posting lately truth is I’ve been away, both emotionally and physically. I even missed my blogs anniversary (turned 3 in April). I moved back to my house in far far away and with seldom internet access I’ve been taken up by boredom but also a sense of internal peace of mind at least for the most part, its usually when I’m connected that I feel overwhelmingly depressed and I suppose the isolation only helps if I remain isolated, in any case I’ve found lots to do since I have no friends here to speak of (not that I really mind) and being away from the capital. Started growing things and I suppose that has helped my patience tremendously, taking long walks also helps, specifically the fact that I don’t see too many people, as for my anxiety it comes and goes some days are better than others but I know that it has improved a great deal, helped by the ways in which I see sunrises and sunsets and moon light and star gazing I suppose I’m able to be regaled by nature and that’s not such a bad thing either, as for school with my syllabus ended and the only thing between me and moving forward is me, I guess it is alright too. I hope you are all well and thank you for waiting for me.

Life is still a voyage-The Voyaging Voyager


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