Just Live…

Hey everyone I hope you have all been well, I must apologize for being so missing in action, I suppose I have been busy lazing around, but apart from lazing, I have actually made some good strides.


Walt’s right.

Started working out running on the treadmill and setting goals on Ifit, so far things are looking up.So I’m pretty motivated about my fitness and overall being in my optimum physical state (a line I stole from Jupiter Ascending.)

Screenshot (1)

Fast forward a bit and I’ve also been meeting new people, and easing myself out of social anxiety, even if the very thought of meeting a total stranger makes my hands tremble, which I didn’t know until saturday when I went to hang with a new friend I made and I decided to stop for Burger King before I got there, and the cashier pointed out that my hands were shaking just slightly, and I realised that it was because I had been thinking so hard about the situation, then when I got to them they pointed it out again and I was embarrassed but happy that I went, and overall had a good time, and despite turning down their latest invitation to a birthday party, I know that I am gradually getting through my anxiety and I am grateful for all the people, in my life and those just coming, and those going and even you, the people who read my blog and keep me motivated to keep writing and sharing my experiences.


My motivation

So as always thanks for reading and you will hear from me more this week :), and until then Just Live…

- The Voyaging Voyager

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