My Virtual Reality of Wizard101

I hope everyone had a fantastic day today, I spent my day In the virtual world of wizard101 escaping reality and overall having a blast check it out…

Picture 2015-03-09 09-08-21

Just a little magical gardening

Picture 2015-03-09 09-08-05

Oh You may Notice I have yatch…Haha

Picture 2015-03-13 16-43-32

Thought I’d do a little photo shoot with some other players

Picture 2015-03-13 16-56-40

Decided to take it t my house since it got a bit crowded back in the commons

Picture 2015-03-13 16-56-53

Picture 2015-03-13 16-59-42

Picture 2015-03-13 16-59-43

Picture 2015-03-13 16-59-53

Yes you can own estates like that in the Game 🙂

Picture 2015-03-13 16-59-45

Special Thanks to the Wizards who help make this possible:

Amanda FireBlossom,Caleb ShadowSmith, Zachary GoldenThorn, and yours truly Sean SpiritHunter.

As always thanks for reading 🙂

-The Voyaging Voyager

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