Memoire of a perpetually hungry teenager…

So I am just like any other person…most of times anyway, But apart from being a socially anxious mess, I’m also a huge fan of food, I guess somehow food keeps me sane, or maybe it’s just my genetics, whatever it is I am a foodie, and having so far successfully eaten my way out of depression, I was going through the pictures on my phone today and was alarmed at how many pictures of food I had, its like I take a picture every time I am about to eat or something, maybe it helps to savour the moment, just a bit more. Here in Jamaica We have cooked food as opposed to fast food but I pretty much love both, after salivating over all the pictures in my phone, I thought I’d share a blog on some of them.

Enjoy 🙂


They say Black people like fried chicken and apparently it’s true


Last Week I had Chinese like everyday


What do you know…More Chinese


This looks like its here twice but its not, They just serve in the exact same way


I always forget to order the french sandwich instead of the chicken club but when I do its great


All that protein


This place literally has the best pasta, on a budget anyway 🙂


More Chinese


Sometimes I feel fancy at home, Ramen anyone?


Then there’s school


I practically live on this


School is the best, because of the education, but mostly the food (:


Sauce it up please!!

“Always do what makes you happy, and overtime you will be at peace with yourself.”

-The Voyaging Voyager

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