This week was a voyage…

Sometimes you find yourself at a fork in the road

This week was a voyage, and it passed insanely fast, my biological clock is still out of sync due to me being home and not at work, apparently all it takes is one week without a schedule and I can’t tell what day it is even while staring at phone’s home screen.

Today in just one word: exhausting, apart from waking up my usual mid morning to the glare of the sun through my window, I thought  (foolishly) I’d slip unto the scale and see what’s up, I found out that I gained 10 pounds, that folks is 10 lbs/ 4 kilos / 535.92 grams, reigning in at a whopping 180 pounds, Yeah it seems that my binge eating thrill ride was not without consequence and as such I am not too thrilled, So I have essentially developed a work out plan which will start next week which would seek to counter my exciting new mass, and shrink them into oblivion. But while contemplating my new weight gain I couldn’t help laughing at the silly notion that I came up with in my head which was much like the movie “In Time”, what if we could use our calories as currency, I think in a world like that being fat wouldn’t be such a bad thing in fact it would be fan-fucking-tastic. But then again considering I am 6 foot 2 I don’t know if I fall into the fat bracket just yet, at least google agrees with me.

This blog is going to be mess, I am so flustered from all that I ate today combined with being flustered from walking in the sun here, yes Jamaica has sun, while the snow pummels our neighbours in the north it’s never been hotter down here by the equator. Added to that my failure at being promoted has finally set and as any socially anxious person can tell usually things like this don’t bother you until the next day or even the day after, when the feelings of inadequacy and disdain fill your heart and mind and you just want to curl up into a ball or burn down a house, either way I probably won’t do any of those things I’ll just stay here and continue the voyage and live by my new motto…Life is for Living

As always thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from

The Voyaging Voyager


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