So I was NOT chosen…(For the job I mean) Not the hunger games…But amma play It cool

Hey everyone I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and sorry about not posting yesterday, truth is nothing really happened and I basically did what I did the day before, you can check that out here.

So just a minute ago I found an email from my company informing me that I wasn’t chosen to be promoted

How come?

How come?

and how much of a hard decision it was, and what a great candidate I was, and how I will be kept in mind..yadda yadda etc etc.

I think this speaks for itself

and somehow being very coy with the let down. I eventually got off the sympathy ride and thought to myself…Bam my next post is a Go…So here we are some moments later, while I’m gouging down corned beef sandwiches, drinking soda and naturally, playing it cool…even though in my mind it went down in my mind much like this,

chestand I am ultimately devastated by not being chosen, and even thinking about taking the Katniss Everdeen stance


You don’t even have to pay me I just can’t handle the disappointment

Growing up not experiencing any real disappointments has made this very hard, and I can feel my social anxiety bubbling to a nice simmer at the thought of having to tell everyone that I didn’t get it, because I mean naturally everyone thought I got it, but I haven’t and so I will need to play it more cool than ever before, my best gamble is to simply wait until they ask me about it, and then maybe I’ll just say the pay was unsatisfactory and so I declined it.

Because I can’t imagine making the call of fate to anyoneFace

and especially to my mother.

So instead I’ll just for this moment stuff my face with sandwiches then do ten laps on the treadmill while drinking my 1.5 litres of water because after all as Aragorn would put it.

As always stay cozy, and thanks for reading.

Life is still a Voyage…

-The voyaging voyager

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