The rain and my anxiety-A poem

The voices fill the air drowned out by the thunder,

hurried footsteps scuffle along the pavement,

the dark sky threatens of rain, as the clouds put on a brilliant display, and light, crisp clear pellets of water are flung asunder,

the moving feet attached to bodies are joined in one resolve one movement,

I know what they are all thinking I know what they all feel,

the rain has changed their perspective and It is no longer on me,

I feel freedom and solace, I am one with the world, for just this moment my anxiety has eased,

I can breathe now, no need to be so tense, no need to think about who is looking or appeased,

because no one notices me now, and I can for just this moment not think about anything,

Because just for this moment I am normal.

Thanks for reading guys I hope you had a wonderful day.


Stay cozy

Ps- Mondays are poetry now…Hopefully I get better at poems


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