Life is for living

Hey everyone so these days I’ve noticed that I have found less and less things to blog about and I found that It is probably because I wasn’t being entirely open with myself and this blog and probably wasn’t writing how I felt, so this post is really my real reintroduction post about who I am and what I am about. Hope you guys Like it.

I’m 18, and I am from a small Island in the Caribbean, well it’s not that small in fact its one of the four largest. I grew up in between the capital and a rural part of the country and somehow I think those different places have shaped me into the person I am today.

I grew up with  a good family and despite the different challenges I can’t say I have ever been unhappy. These days have been not so much unhappy but I have been nostalgic, and I think that’s because I am at that awkward place between after you leave high school but before you move out. So I am now finding myself and even more so my social anxiety has reached its peak and as I try to deal with it I realize I need to find an outlet to express all my thoughts that float around inside my head, So now the goal of my blog is to do just that, to help get all my anxiety out and in the process maybe I can help some of you who may also suffer from social anxiety, find peace and comfort.

So thanks for reading and may we embark on this interesting journey together as I attempt to work past our social anxiety.

Thanks for your supportThe Voyaging Voyager


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