Eating my way through depression

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are all well. Since starting my temp job I have had the luxury of spending my own cash and getting a great deal of semi-independence, and I love it tremendously. Not that being dependent didn’t have its perks but somehow my semi-independence has helped me considerable, in a few areas, as depressed and nostalgic as I am, being employed gives me some form of purpose in the morning and I wanna get out of bed and I am pretty  happy with that. In addition to the feeling of purpose, I also have the monetary aspect to look forward to, and despite the fact that I’m not paid a fortune, it is incredibly pleasant to be looking forward to some cash at the end of the week,plus the cancellation effect is great, these days I have been able to cancel out my depression and need for socialization with the best material thing possible, and that is none other than food, When people are depressed they eat, and I am depressed so there goes the math, but apart from eating there are clothes and accessories and other material possessions  and people may say that material possessions can’t make you happy, but that’s just because they aren’t buying the right things, or maybe they just don’t want to be happy or, they are already happy and they just don’t know it or they draw happiness from different circumstances who knows?

In my case, stuff makes me happy stuff that I can buy, and maybe eat, I remember reading something funny a long time ago and it said “I don’t deal with my problems, I eat them” and at first I thought it was silly, but now I completely understand what whoever wrote it was saying, and I must say it is quite pleasurable to turn your stress into a delicious barbecue burger, it has never been sweeter to be stressed, pun intended. But food aside I have found pleasure in simply things too like talking to my fish, they are japanese koi and they are exceptional at being hungry,they must get that from me. but apart from gobbling up koi sticks they have an amazing attentiveness about them, I think they are conscious of what my voice sounds like and I can see a visible change in their behaviours when I speak to them, or maybe I’m just crazy, that’s a possibility isn’t it? Oh well, I’ll never know but what I do know is that I like getting paid, and I like using my pay to buy food to feed my hunger. Oh also enjoy my colorful pie chart to represent my spending, that should put it into perspective for you 🙂

So that’s all for now folks, stay cozy and sleep tight and I’ll see you in a few days 🙂 as always thanks for reading.

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