Be my valentine…?

Happy valentines 🙂 so its valentines day and love is probably in the air, I think I’m allergic cause I have a splitting headache, I was never much of a social butterfly and things like valentines never really ruffled my feathers, I think maybe its because I don’t go out of my way for holidays like these which are really just turned into big money corporate assaults and the if you love them “buy” them this or that illusions, frankly I’ve never really done anything on valentines out of the ordinary usually if its in the week I would know its valentines because everyone would be copiously adorned in reds and whites accessories apparel you name it, but today it placed on a saturday, and I did nothing out of the ordinary to accommodate it just as always, sometimes I think people love valentines day more than they love their valentine but hey what do I know haha. I didn’t get any real valentines either apart from two friends who said it out of sheer appreciation of the day, not that they were my valentine or such, but it was appreciated. This post will probably not be my best owing to the fact that I have a splitting. headache or that I’m actually typing while I lay in bed waiting for this advil™ to kick in, I was even more disgruntled at the fact that it candidly had the words non drowsy strewn across the colored label. I was hoping for it to put me to sleep so I wouldn’t have to suffer the torment of being awake while it did its job, but I can do little about it now, perhaps advil is my valentine?? Or it could be the headache, who knows…So between advil™ and my treacherous headache I’d say I’m having a regular valentines, so happy valentines to all you readers and subscribers and thank you for sticking around, have an awesome valentine, or regular one like myself and I will catch you all on the flip side.
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