Thoughts on loving others

Hey everyone its a sudden blog moment and I think I’ll start this blog with a moral, “A speaker was about to give a talk at a conference themed on happiness and love, but before he began his talk he did a little exercise, one that perhaps even seemed odd to his guests, he had them each write their name on a balloon, and the roughly 50 or so guests all did as they were told, then all the balloons were placed in a room, the guests were then instructed to find the balloon with their name on it, naturally this was a flurry of chaos and confusion, and ultimately after a few minutes when they were told to discontinue no one had actually found theirs, then they were given a different instruction this time to find a balloon and give it to the person whose name it had written on it, within a few minutes everyone had their balloon, the speaker then illustrated that this was similar to life,and that joy isn’t found in searching feverishly for our own happiness, but instead in helping others find theirs” I found that an incredibly moving illustration, and thought I had to share it, but although I added it to this blog, I actually felt inspired to write this blog for a different reason.
In all honesty I don’t pride myself as being much of a giver, I’m not a taker either, but I don’t exert any real effort on others. While on my way home after getting off work last night, I walked my normal route I live close to my part time job so I don’t have any real transit issues and walking is fine for me, it was dark, cars were passing rather frequently, the way it is at this time of the night. I noticed in front of me there was a gentleman, he was walking faster than me, and I pride myself in being a rather fast walker but I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but when he got to the intersection he stopped and I caught up to him, he asked me directions to somewhere I used to live, I told him how to get there, then I added that it was a really long walk, he agreed but said he didn’t have the fare, and even more told me where he was coming from, it was roughly 4 miles away and the place he needed to get to was another 2 or so miles, yet he trudged on I walked behind him silently not wanting to pass him, not wanting to add to his frustration, the road was a bit tricky so I walked up to his side and added further guide lines, but then I took out my wallet and gave him the fare, he seemed overwhelmed and thanked me, he asked me what my name was and I told him, and he repeated it, not in an inquisitive way just the way you say something you want to remember, and in that moment I felt just what the moral I opened with was talking about, I had helped someone who hadn’t asked for it, I was moved by his resolve and felt compassionate, this was a total stranger, in the dark of the night someone who didn’t know me and I the same with regards to them, I didn’t have any ulterior motive, no “wait til’ I say I did this”, just a genuine heartfelt interest, he was roughly my age, and I saw myself in him, I’ve had similar ordeals, situations where my pride couldn’t give me the breath to ask for help, or worse where disappointment had weakened my resolve.
I wrote this, not to feel triumphant or to sound like a good person, but to inspire someone to help someone else, life is precious but are we really living if we don’t help someone else? I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw the look on his face, the way he seemed to have a sigh of relief, and endless gratitude. I wished him safe travel and I meant it sincerely, I was glad that I was there that night to have that experience, and to do something that made me feel the way I did.
If you liked this, share it with someone else to inspire them, as always thanks for reading, and stay inspired. 🙂


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