Thoughts on Loving yourself

So I got the app, if you read my last post you’d understand that. So I literally just woke up, and actually decided to start my morning with a blog, and even more so a blog that I promised a friend. I told him I’d make it about an incident, and since that scenario I learned a lot of things, and one of those things was loving myself, I think we don’t really appreciate ourselves as human beings, even those of us who say we do it, I for one can attest to the fact that I don’t, at least not as much as I should I suppose its rather unusual to admit that but it is the truth. But then again I learned something else from that situation that apart from loving yourself you should associate with people who love themselves, and no I don’t mean people who are conceited and self righteous, I mean people who recognize their value and their worth, people who will not to put off or dissuaded by the perceptions that people have or them, I’ve been on earth for a relatively short time, but something about the way time seems to fly of late, has motioned for me to appreciate the present just a little bit more, to live not for anyone but for me, and while that may sound selfish I don’t intend it in a selfish way but rather, I will live for me and whom ever comes my way will either be satisfied or dissatisfied with that, the truth is that we spend so much of our lives living for others that we forget to live for ourselves, so I’ve resolved to start loving myself, to start giving myself applause and compliments, because I do a good job, because I’m a decent person. So love yourself, and don’t believe that you have to love yourself because no one else will because that’s not the truth, Love yourself because you deserve it, because its your right as a human being, because you will feel lighter and happier, and some advice I got from my life mentor that I thought to share “tell the people you love, that you love them” and as strange of an advice as that may be I still haven’t been able to do it, and its not because I don’t love anyone, but I suppose I grew up in a culture where we never said it, it was just implied and as we aged it was assumed, so there was never really a need to say those three little words. At the end of the day all in all we all deserve love, and not just love from a partner or spouse, I mean genuine affection from people on a whole, friends and family, friends especially…family is forever but friends not so much. So I want to say a special thank you, to my friend to whom I dedicated this, a wonderful person who has done a very good job at learning to love himself.
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See you soon and remember to love yourself, because you deserve it.


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