Its been an even longer while…

Okay so I’ve made many promises, one of which was to make more frequent posts and to keep everyone abreast with what I have been up to, and i think I have failed miserably at that promise, So instead of another promise i will do what’s right 1. Get the app back because the app is the best and it will help my blog in impromptu situations and 2. Get my life in order. Okay now unto the actual blogging firstly happy New Year, and yes I am well aware that its February, anyway despite that i do hope you guys and gals out there are having a splendid Year filled with all the wealth that life has to offer yadda yadda you know the rest, you probably heard it all in January anyway. But apart from all that “What have I been up to?” well there is school and work, school is good i hate accounts but it’s what i’m doing a degree in quite ironic I’d say, but heck it beats still being in high school although somewhere along the line I miss High school I miss the way life was always so predetermined, as much as I’d like to think it wasn’t, These days are different though, work then class then getting home late, Passed my first real exam and that was a good feeling but it was fleeting, it’s funny how grades in high school were the world yet now they are just a reflection of your effort, they don’t make you excited or disappointed they just get more of an “okay then” rather than an enthusiastic “YESSSSS”. Work is a whole new ball park especially since this is my first ever job i kind of understand when people who have jobs say they are broke, I kind of never really understood that until now, i suppose jobs make you broke or something like that, I was never the mathematician so don’t judge me, either way having a job that has me dealing with people twenty four seven, both clients and coworkers puts quite the strain on my mind. Additionally i have to survive a long distance relationship. So that is a short summary of what’s been happening, I’ll start churning out more blogs within the month so keep an eye out. If you you like this, then don’t forget to share it, like it and leave me a comment. Stay awesome and have a swell day (:


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