Life is for living

Hey everyone so these days I’ve noticed that I have found less and less things to blog about and I found that It is probably because I wasn’t being entirely open with myself and this blog and probably wasn’t writing how I felt, so this post is really my real reintroduction post about who I am and what I am about. Hope you guys Like it.

I’m 18, and I am from a small Island in the Caribbean, well it’s not that small in fact its one of the four largest. I grew up in between the capital and a rural part of the country and somehow I think those different places have shaped me into the person I am today.

I grew up with  a good family and despite the different challenges I can’t say I have ever been unhappy. These days have been not so much unhappy but I have been nostalgic, and I think that’s because I am at that awkward place between after you leave high school but before you move out. So I am now finding myself and even more so my social anxiety has reached its peak and as I try to deal with it I realize I need to find an outlet to express all my thoughts that float around inside my head, So now the goal of my blog is to do just that, to help get all my anxiety out and in the process maybe I can help some of you who may also suffer from social anxiety, find peace and comfort.

So thanks for reading and may we embark on this interesting journey together as I attempt to work past our social anxiety.

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Eating my way through depression

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are all well. Since starting my temp job I have had the luxury of spending my own cash and getting a great deal of semi-independence, and I love it tremendously. Not that being dependent didn’t have its perks but somehow my semi-independence has helped me considerable, in a few areas, as depressed and nostalgic as I am, being employed gives me some form of purpose in the morning and I wanna get out of bed and I am pretty  happy with that. In addition to the feeling of purpose, I also have the monetary aspect to look forward to, and despite the fact that I’m not paid a fortune, it is incredibly pleasant to be looking forward to some cash at the end of the week,plus the cancellation effect is great, these days I have been able to cancel out my depression and need for socialization with the best material thing possible, and that is none other than food, When people are depressed they eat, and I am depressed so there goes the math, but apart from eating there are clothes and accessories and other material possessions  and people may say that material possessions can’t make you happy, but that’s just because they aren’t buying the right things, or maybe they just don’t want to be happy or, they are already happy and they just don’t know it or they draw happiness from different circumstances who knows?

In my case, stuff makes me happy stuff that I can buy, and maybe eat, I remember reading something funny a long time ago and it said “I don’t deal with my problems, I eat them” and at first I thought it was silly, but now I completely understand what whoever wrote it was saying, and I must say it is quite pleasurable to turn your stress into a delicious barbecue burger, it has never been sweeter to be stressed, pun intended. But food aside I have found pleasure in simply things too like talking to my fish, they are japanese koi and they are exceptional at being hungry,they must get that from me. but apart from gobbling up koi sticks they have an amazing attentiveness about them, I think they are conscious of what my voice sounds like and I can see a visible change in their behaviours when I speak to them, or maybe I’m just crazy, that’s a possibility isn’t it? Oh well, I’ll never know but what I do know is that I like getting paid, and I like using my pay to buy food to feed my hunger. Oh also enjoy my colorful pie chart to represent my spending, that should put it into perspective for you 🙂

So that’s all for now folks, stay cozy and sleep tight and I’ll see you in a few days 🙂 as always thanks for reading.

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Serving Sizes and eating my way to happiness

Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I have posted but I suppose that’s because I have been sick “so I will also keep this short” and because I have been dropping some collaborative writing on my friend’s blog which he just started and asked me to help pull in some traffic, not to toot my horn or anything but I’d say I’m doing a pretty decent job. This blog got somewhat inspired by my love for food and cooking and the overwhelming amount of stress I have been under lately, with work and school which has driven me to comfort food and happiness gorging, and while I haven’t really been packing on any pound I can say that I have been eating a tremendous amount, that phrase was stolen too from The Game Of Thrones and if you ❤ GOT as much as I do you may Know which scene it happened in, if not Google never fails. Apart from eating I have also been cooking and a shout out to a good friend of mine who rekindled my cooking skills and always calls me these days for cooking advice. But as the title suggest this blog had something to do with “serving sizes”  and growing up in a culture where  you eat a bag of whatever and drinking a bottle of whatever kind of brought my attention to the fact that we give a tremendous and unbiased “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN” to serving sizes, it’s almost as if once we pop the cap the race is on and there is no turning back, these days I read labels not because I am going to follow them but because I want to see what they think about their product and how it matches up to my craving usually what they suggest is far less than what I need and crave so it’s disregarded and I just eat the whole thing. These days though I have somehow found solace in food and I have a minimum of three breakfasts a day. My new obsession with food isn’t so new but it has been a while since I have felt the urge to devour everything in my path, and I think loneliness is to blame, a long distance relationship has essentially rubbed me down to satisfaction seeking in the bowels of china ware and I am on a vivacious quest to be satisfied. My head still throbs from the flu so I won’t exhaust on my gastronomical expeditions  further, plus my soup is getting cold 🙂

As always thanks for reading and stay cozy.

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Be my valentine…?

Happy valentines 🙂 so its valentines day and love is probably in the air, I think I’m allergic cause I have a splitting headache, I was never much of a social butterfly and things like valentines never really ruffled my feathers, I think maybe its because I don’t go out of my way for holidays like these which are really just turned into big money corporate assaults and the if you love them “buy” them this or that illusions, frankly I’ve never really done anything on valentines out of the ordinary usually if its in the week I would know its valentines because everyone would be copiously adorned in reds and whites accessories apparel you name it, but today it placed on a saturday, and I did nothing out of the ordinary to accommodate it just as always, sometimes I think people love valentines day more than they love their valentine but hey what do I know haha. I didn’t get any real valentines either apart from two friends who said it out of sheer appreciation of the day, not that they were my valentine or such, but it was appreciated. This post will probably not be my best owing to the fact that I have a splitting. headache or that I’m actually typing while I lay in bed waiting for this advil™ to kick in, I was even more disgruntled at the fact that it candidly had the words non drowsy strewn across the colored label. I was hoping for it to put me to sleep so I wouldn’t have to suffer the torment of being awake while it did its job, but I can do little about it now, perhaps advil is my valentine?? Or it could be the headache, who knows…So between advil™ and my treacherous headache I’d say I’m having a regular valentines, so happy valentines to all you readers and subscribers and thank you for sticking around, have an awesome valentine, or regular one like myself and I will catch you all on the flip side.
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Thoughts on loving others

Hey everyone its a sudden blog moment and I think I’ll start this blog with a moral, “A speaker was about to give a talk at a conference themed on happiness and love, but before he began his talk he did a little exercise, one that perhaps even seemed odd to his guests, he had them each write their name on a balloon, and the roughly 50 or so guests all did as they were told, then all the balloons were placed in a room, the guests were then instructed to find the balloon with their name on it, naturally this was a flurry of chaos and confusion, and ultimately after a few minutes when they were told to discontinue no one had actually found theirs, then they were given a different instruction this time to find a balloon and give it to the person whose name it had written on it, within a few minutes everyone had their balloon, the speaker then illustrated that this was similar to life,and that joy isn’t found in searching feverishly for our own happiness, but instead in helping others find theirs” I found that an incredibly moving illustration, and thought I had to share it, but although I added it to this blog, I actually felt inspired to write this blog for a different reason.
In all honesty I don’t pride myself as being much of a giver, I’m not a taker either, but I don’t exert any real effort on others. While on my way home after getting off work last night, I walked my normal route I live close to my part time job so I don’t have any real transit issues and walking is fine for me, it was dark, cars were passing rather frequently, the way it is at this time of the night. I noticed in front of me there was a gentleman, he was walking faster than me, and I pride myself in being a rather fast walker but I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but when he got to the intersection he stopped and I caught up to him, he asked me directions to somewhere I used to live, I told him how to get there, then I added that it was a really long walk, he agreed but said he didn’t have the fare, and even more told me where he was coming from, it was roughly 4 miles away and the place he needed to get to was another 2 or so miles, yet he trudged on I walked behind him silently not wanting to pass him, not wanting to add to his frustration, the road was a bit tricky so I walked up to his side and added further guide lines, but then I took out my wallet and gave him the fare, he seemed overwhelmed and thanked me, he asked me what my name was and I told him, and he repeated it, not in an inquisitive way just the way you say something you want to remember, and in that moment I felt just what the moral I opened with was talking about, I had helped someone who hadn’t asked for it, I was moved by his resolve and felt compassionate, this was a total stranger, in the dark of the night someone who didn’t know me and I the same with regards to them, I didn’t have any ulterior motive, no “wait til’ I say I did this”, just a genuine heartfelt interest, he was roughly my age, and I saw myself in him, I’ve had similar ordeals, situations where my pride couldn’t give me the breath to ask for help, or worse where disappointment had weakened my resolve.
I wrote this, not to feel triumphant or to sound like a good person, but to inspire someone to help someone else, life is precious but are we really living if we don’t help someone else? I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw the look on his face, the way he seemed to have a sigh of relief, and endless gratitude. I wished him safe travel and I meant it sincerely, I was glad that I was there that night to have that experience, and to do something that made me feel the way I did.
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Thoughts on Loving yourself

So I got the app, if you read my last post you’d understand that. So I literally just woke up, and actually decided to start my morning with a blog, and even more so a blog that I promised a friend. I told him I’d make it about an incident, and since that scenario I learned a lot of things, and one of those things was loving myself, I think we don’t really appreciate ourselves as human beings, even those of us who say we do it, I for one can attest to the fact that I don’t, at least not as much as I should I suppose its rather unusual to admit that but it is the truth. But then again I learned something else from that situation that apart from loving yourself you should associate with people who love themselves, and no I don’t mean people who are conceited and self righteous, I mean people who recognize their value and their worth, people who will not to put off or dissuaded by the perceptions that people have or them, I’ve been on earth for a relatively short time, but something about the way time seems to fly of late, has motioned for me to appreciate the present just a little bit more, to live not for anyone but for me, and while that may sound selfish I don’t intend it in a selfish way but rather, I will live for me and whom ever comes my way will either be satisfied or dissatisfied with that, the truth is that we spend so much of our lives living for others that we forget to live for ourselves, so I’ve resolved to start loving myself, to start giving myself applause and compliments, because I do a good job, because I’m a decent person. So love yourself, and don’t believe that you have to love yourself because no one else will because that’s not the truth, Love yourself because you deserve it, because its your right as a human being, because you will feel lighter and happier, and some advice I got from my life mentor that I thought to share “tell the people you love, that you love them” and as strange of an advice as that may be I still haven’t been able to do it, and its not because I don’t love anyone, but I suppose I grew up in a culture where we never said it, it was just implied and as we aged it was assumed, so there was never really a need to say those three little words. At the end of the day all in all we all deserve love, and not just love from a partner or spouse, I mean genuine affection from people on a whole, friends and family, friends especially…family is forever but friends not so much. So I want to say a special thank you, to my friend to whom I dedicated this, a wonderful person who has done a very good job at learning to love himself.
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See you soon and remember to love yourself, because you deserve it.

Its been an even longer while…

Okay so I’ve made many promises, one of which was to make more frequent posts and to keep everyone abreast with what I have been up to, and i think I have failed miserably at that promise, So instead of another promise i will do what’s right 1. Get the app back because the app is the best and it will help my blog in impromptu situations and 2. Get my life in order. Okay now unto the actual blogging firstly happy New Year, and yes I am well aware that its February, anyway despite that i do hope you guys and gals out there are having a splendid Year filled with all the wealth that life has to offer yadda yadda you know the rest, you probably heard it all in January anyway. But apart from all that “What have I been up to?” well there is school and work, school is good i hate accounts but it’s what i’m doing a degree in quite ironic I’d say, but heck it beats still being in high school although somewhere along the line I miss High school I miss the way life was always so predetermined, as much as I’d like to think it wasn’t, These days are different though, work then class then getting home late, Passed my first real exam and that was a good feeling but it was fleeting, it’s funny how grades in high school were the world yet now they are just a reflection of your effort, they don’t make you excited or disappointed they just get more of an “okay then” rather than an enthusiastic “YESSSSS”. Work is a whole new ball park especially since this is my first ever job i kind of understand when people who have jobs say they are broke, I kind of never really understood that until now, i suppose jobs make you broke or something like that, I was never the mathematician so don’t judge me, either way having a job that has me dealing with people twenty four seven, both clients and coworkers puts quite the strain on my mind. Additionally i have to survive a long distance relationship. So that is a short summary of what’s been happening, I’ll start churning out more blogs within the month so keep an eye out. If you you like this, then don’t forget to share it, like it and leave me a comment. Stay awesome and have a swell day (: