Stuck With Pen and Paper Again (extended edition)

So this Blog should have been posted very early in July, but following my overwhelming bout of procrastination I haven’t been able to put thought and muscles together actually type this until today that is…and because I am beyond bored. I suppose summer does that to you, it soaks up all life’s meaning and replaces it with complete uncoördinated hallucinations, because that really is what summer feels like doesn’t it? one big dream where time means nothing and you always have an answer when someone says:

“what’s up?” and its usually


In any case summer is still very wonderful and I don’t think I could live without it, but then again this is the perspective of a guy in high school who has nearly too months of nothing to do days in the year, probably if  I was a regular nine to five kind of duke then maybe I wouldn’t see summer in the same light maybe I would see it as the time when my kids are home or when the train isn’t packed with rowdy teens or maybe when my phone bill is through the roof and my electricity bill is at it’s all time high, maybe it would be the time when I have to buy more food than normal because boredom makes you very very hungry. I suppose those are what parents and mature adults think of summer a time of warm burdens…but I suppose I won’t worry about that bridge until I get there.

This blog though was penned down on the 14th of June 2014 not necessarily because that is when it occurred but that is when I wrote it down anyway here goes and I hope you enjoy my little tale(true story by the way).

“So I’m a little bad with technology, or at least it would seem that way after my laptop fell out a 6ft high window ,this is my second laptop by the way, so you see my point. I’m basically at this moment in the wilderness, ok it’s not that bad its like a semi-rural , no cable no telephone lines; ok its worse than it sounds but considering everywhere was like this at some point I guess development is just slower in some places than others…obviously.

You’re still probably wondering about the 6ft window thing and I don’t blame you. Well here’s how that goes,ironically no cable and no telephone lines does not mean no Wi-Fi, Ha, how’s that for development . The con to this Wi-Fi though is that it won’t penetrate walls and unless you find the perfect spot which is usually very precarious you can’t connect, speed wise it’s as great as can be expected under the circumstance. In my locale the perfect spot happens to be teetering off the ledge of my window, the land slopes and as a result my window is high, six feet high. The downside to this apart from being at my window for hours is that it is incredible bright and incredible windy, it has been incredible windy lately and even as I write its howling outside. literally.

I blame my dad though, my laptop that is.Since he was the one who insisted I come to him for an urgent matter, in which instance I hurriedly left it perched on the window. Turns out the urgent matter, were ‘dishes’ since when are dishes ‘urgent’? So as if I wasn’t enough to have been called for something that could wait I return to find and empty window ledge…

I didn’t shout,I didn’t  scream, I didn’t curse, although there were a few hisses of my teeth but nothing chronic, I just casually strolled outside picked it up and took it inside. and despite knowing it was more or less very broken I tried to turn it on, and it did!

But that’s all it did then nothing, just on until an error message came, so I sat and contemplated then I decided that I was just going to do without it which surprisingly gave me opportunities I never imagined.

I’ll blog those in later posts as for this blog I just jotted in down with Pen and Paper. maybe I might even jot down a few more if I get the writing fever before my laptop returns. I’ll mention at the end or somewhere in the middle or start of each whether it was a Pen and Paper Production. “

I hope you enjoyed that…

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