Top 10 lies that almost always work

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lie, yes we humans lie a lot, pun intended if you have a creative imagination, but lying has become quite a tactful and well developed sense, and the mendacity of these individuals is superb. Here is my top ten list of the lies that are most often to work.
10.Age: we lie about our age sometimes unwittingly, and most times unless its in a serious situation we get off scotch free.
9.Social standing: ok you’re no Bill Gates, but lying about how much money you have is always a frequent inclination, and yes it does work both ways.
8.Weight: unless someone has a scale or its just plain obvious, you can pull the wool over the eyes anytime you want when it comes to your weight.
7.Destination: its quite apparent that our desire for secrecy and being discrete, has reached extensive proportions, so much so that we tend to avoid crucial information as to our whereabouts half the time.
6.Favorite pass time: unless you actually have a very cool pass time then its very likely you will lie about what you do to your friends when the question is raised.
5.Music: No one will know for a definite fact what kind of music you listen to unless you say it, and then they just have to accept it, truth or not.
4.Internet relevance: we often times lie about our internet relevance in a way to boost our ego, and be the envy of the geeks and cybertechnics. Yes I have more followers than you.
3.Game level: if you’re a gamer then you know just how much times we lie about beating a boss or attaining such and such level, often times we get off untouched, unless there’s a party pooper who starts asking you a bunch of related questions that undermine your proposed success at the boss battle.
2.Relationship status: a easy repellent for unwanted mutual interests is the simple”I’m not single”, less cruel than the “I don’t like you” and is gentle on your conscience.
And lastly the number one lie that’s almost always full proof is. 1. ETA: yes we have all used the “I’m on my way line, even when were not dressed just to keep people waiting for us, and in most cases they always do, and get over it relatively quickly as soon as you arrive.
That’s all for now and I do hope you guys could relate. Don’t forget to like,subscribe and share, and feel free to comment, with your opinions or suggestions and I will see you soon 🙂 bye.


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