Top 10 hardest decisions to make

We have all had to make hard decisions but some of those decisions don’t come easy…here’s my top ten list of some of the hardest decisions.
10.Accepting that someone you love doesn’t love you back: At this point your heart has been sliced,diced and beaten with a mallet, now its time to move on and accept the truth, as bitter as it may be.
9.Accepting that not everyone will like you: We here this saying all the time but it takes deep contemplation and mental observation to really come to grips that there will be person who will hate us for no reason, we just have to go on without paying it too much thought.
8.Accepting that words may be meaningful but not always meant: This is one to relish over especially if you have let yourself fall prey to sweet words and promises that glitter and shine brighter than diamonds.
7.Accepting that you won’t always make the right decisions and that mistakes are unavoidable: Accepting this is a big blow to any ego, big or small.
6.Accepting that guilt is normal but not to be endorsed or accommodated for prolonged periods: We are all guilty beings, but it is that guilt that makes us humanity, we must accept that we all have a working conscience whether we choose to supress it or not.
5.Accepting that we will be infatuated more often than we will be in love: This is for all the “I love you’ers” out there.
4.Accepting that changing yourself to please one group will only displease another: The reality after all, you can’t please everyone.
3.Accepting responsibility for our actions: We all make mistakes but owning up partly the first step to recovery.
2.Accepting that there are things in life we can not foresee nor control but rather just be ready for: We all want to be able to have definite answers, and reasons but unanswered questions are what make life and living such a miraculous endeavor.
1.Accepting the everyone is equal: Without a doubt this is almost impossible for some, and very difficult for others, but as time progresses humanity may some day learn to love and respect one another as brethren.
Thanks for reading,hope you enjoyed and could relate. Don’t forget to like,share,comment,and subscribe and I will see you soon.
Until then peace 🙂


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