Happy New Month

Hey everyone its a new month and here at pins and needles we’ve decided to shake things up…
All this month, we’ll give you the top ten best or worst of anything, whatever is relevant to you :).
So don’t be afraid to comment and let us know what you’d like to hear the top ten best and worst of, and stay put for all you need to know about the top ten best and or worst, lying out there waiting to be discovered.
Today we kick off with the top ten worst things about being a kid.
1. You have all the drama of high school, and having teachers on your case, the bad ones that is. Because we love our good teachers.
2. You get hassled by your peers, enemies and friends alike about what you wear, who you talk to, and sometimes even what you do.
3. You have to worry about break-outs, and pimples.
4. You have to go through very long lengthy and exhausting interrogations by your parents when you get home late.
5.You get hassled about how much time you spend texting, on facebook,twitter or anything else.
6. You and your parents are almost always at each other, or rather they are always at you.
7. You have to worry about crushes, and rejection, and not wanting to talk about it but wanting to talk about it both at the same time.
8. You have to worry about what’s trendy and in.
9. You hate that you don’t have the latest gadgets.
10. You have to worry about not only your real life image but also you virtual image. Facebook, twitter,tumblr, and everything else all dictate what people will think of us in real life.

I do hope you could relate to these notions and thanks for reading. See. You soon, when we bring you more best and worse of… All this month.
Happy June 🙂


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