Top 10 lies that almost always work

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lie, yes we humans lie a lot, pun intended if you have a creative imagination, but lying has become quite a tactful and well developed sense, and the mendacity of these individuals is superb. Here is my top ten list of the lies that are most often to work.
10.Age: we lie about our age sometimes unwittingly, and most times unless its in a serious situation we get off scotch free.
9.Social standing: ok you’re no Bill Gates, but lying about how much money you have is always a frequent inclination, and yes it does work both ways.
8.Weight: unless someone has a scale or its just plain obvious, you can pull the wool over the eyes anytime you want when it comes to your weight.
7.Destination: its quite apparent that our desire for secrecy and being discrete, has reached extensive proportions, so much so that we tend to avoid crucial information as to our whereabouts half the time.
6.Favorite pass time: unless you actually have a very cool pass time then its very likely you will lie about what you do to your friends when the question is raised.
5.Music: No one will know for a definite fact what kind of music you listen to unless you say it, and then they just have to accept it, truth or not.
4.Internet relevance: we often times lie about our internet relevance in a way to boost our ego, and be the envy of the geeks and cybertechnics. Yes I have more followers than you.
3.Game level: if you’re a gamer then you know just how much times we lie about beating a boss or attaining such and such level, often times we get off untouched, unless there’s a party pooper who starts asking you a bunch of related questions that undermine your proposed success at the boss battle.
2.Relationship status: a easy repellent for unwanted mutual interests is the simple”I’m not single”, less cruel than the “I don’t like you” and is gentle on your conscience.
And lastly the number one lie that’s almost always full proof is. 1. ETA: yes we have all used the “I’m on my way line, even when were not dressed just to keep people waiting for us, and in most cases they always do, and get over it relatively quickly as soon as you arrive.
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Top 10 hardest decisions to make

We have all had to make hard decisions but some of those decisions don’t come easy…here’s my top ten list of some of the hardest decisions.
10.Accepting that someone you love doesn’t love you back: At this point your heart has been sliced,diced and beaten with a mallet, now its time to move on and accept the truth, as bitter as it may be.
9.Accepting that not everyone will like you: We here this saying all the time but it takes deep contemplation and mental observation to really come to grips that there will be person who will hate us for no reason, we just have to go on without paying it too much thought.
8.Accepting that words may be meaningful but not always meant: This is one to relish over especially if you have let yourself fall prey to sweet words and promises that glitter and shine brighter than diamonds.
7.Accepting that you won’t always make the right decisions and that mistakes are unavoidable: Accepting this is a big blow to any ego, big or small.
6.Accepting that guilt is normal but not to be endorsed or accommodated for prolonged periods: We are all guilty beings, but it is that guilt that makes us humanity, we must accept that we all have a working conscience whether we choose to supress it or not.
5.Accepting that we will be infatuated more often than we will be in love: This is for all the “I love you’ers” out there.
4.Accepting that changing yourself to please one group will only displease another: The reality after all, you can’t please everyone.
3.Accepting responsibility for our actions: We all make mistakes but owning up partly the first step to recovery.
2.Accepting that there are things in life we can not foresee nor control but rather just be ready for: We all want to be able to have definite answers, and reasons but unanswered questions are what make life and living such a miraculous endeavor.
1.Accepting the everyone is equal: Without a doubt this is almost impossible for some, and very difficult for others, but as time progresses humanity may some day learn to love and respect one another as brethren.
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Until then peace 🙂

Top 10 worst household chores

You don’t need to remind me…I have failed at delivering my promise. That out of the way I hope your are all well and have been physically active and eating healthy 🙂
As part of my promise to my good friend and avid reader of my blog I intend to post at least 6 blogs within the space of this weekend, I know I usually say it but then…you know.
So todays post looks into the ups and downs of chores, and is my comprised list of the top ten worst chores. Here goes 🙂
10.Dishes: If you don’t own a dishwasher(and I mean one that really gets the job done) then, you know what a bore hand washing dishes can be. Suggestion: to spice things wash dishes in a sequential order start with the smaller ones or the larger ones, it will save you time and you’ll feel like you did it faster.
9.Walking the dog: If you’re a pet lover this isn’t much of chore. But if you’re doing it solely because you’ve been told to, it can be hell, especially if your dog is very active. Suggestion: try avoiding streets with plenty dog owners the interaction and barking among them will make you work harder.
8.Cleaning: Bedroom,Bathroom,Dining, you cannot escape the noxious nature of cleaning, it is a chore that must be done, but the question looms, by whom should it be done?
Suggestion: make cleaning a family effort and you’ll be surprised just how quickly and effectively it gets done.
7.Laundry: Whether by hand or washer, doing laundry is always a chore viewed with much contempt, the bending, lifting,bending,stacking,folding is an endless cycle of tyranny. Suggestion: make it a family oriented activity, that’s right not just on mom, suggest a folding contest for example winner gets either a cash reward or a special privilege however, parents DON’T get too carried away, recognize that it is supposed to be fun.
6.Vacuuming: without a doubt vacuuming has been a chore that has driven home owners mad, with companies striving to make machines that will eventually,end the loathing of vacuuming. Suggestion: try to avoid unnecessary soiling of carpeted areas, bare feet rules are good for guests if you don’t entertain frequently or at a professional level.
5.Taking out the trash: I need not say further. And as for suggestions there is no way to make trash any less trash, unless you could construct a very miraculous contraption that would shoot it into the sky at night and it would explode like fireworks, I will take no other solution.
4.Baby sitting: I don’t hate kids, but I hate baby sitting, when you babysit it is as though the whole world reaches a climax of important moments which all pass you by without conscience, then there’s the fact that kids get crazy when they’re parents aren’t around and you feel at a great loss.
Suggestion: Do not falter, for there is always the encouraging call,to give parents the boost they need to get back “hey,aren’t you guys coming?”,”hey I thought you’d be here at 8″, “hey you guys do know what time it is RIGHT?” By then the parents will no longer wish to stand your whining and will find themselves home.
3.Watering plants: this sounds easy but when you have tons of tiny plants strewn all over, someone is bound to get a little too thirsty.
Suggestion: try to have a concentration of potted plants rather than singles littering the home.
2.Raking leaves: if you have a large yard then our hell is mutual.
1.And lastly holding my number one spot, Ironing:END of story I won’t even go here.
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Happy New Month

Hey everyone its a new month and here at pins and needles we’ve decided to shake things up…
All this month, we’ll give you the top ten best or worst of anything, whatever is relevant to you :).
So don’t be afraid to comment and let us know what you’d like to hear the top ten best and worst of, and stay put for all you need to know about the top ten best and or worst, lying out there waiting to be discovered.
Today we kick off with the top ten worst things about being a kid.
1. You have all the drama of high school, and having teachers on your case, the bad ones that is. Because we love our good teachers.
2. You get hassled by your peers, enemies and friends alike about what you wear, who you talk to, and sometimes even what you do.
3. You have to worry about break-outs, and pimples.
4. You have to go through very long lengthy and exhausting interrogations by your parents when you get home late.
5.You get hassled about how much time you spend texting, on facebook,twitter or anything else.
6. You and your parents are almost always at each other, or rather they are always at you.
7. You have to worry about crushes, and rejection, and not wanting to talk about it but wanting to talk about it both at the same time.
8. You have to worry about what’s trendy and in.
9. You hate that you don’t have the latest gadgets.
10. You have to worry about not only your real life image but also you virtual image. Facebook, twitter,tumblr, and everything else all dictate what people will think of us in real life.

I do hope you could relate to these notions and thanks for reading. See. You soon, when we bring you more best and worse of… All this month.
Happy June 🙂