Hey everyone, I had some time this morning so I thought I would throw in a short post.

My birthday is tomorrow and as part of my obligation to blackberry messenger (Yes I still own a blackberry… for all of you Apple and Android guys out there 🙂 ) I decided to forewarn everyone that my birthday was tomorrow in my status. Mainly because I was bored but also because it felt in a way dutiful, maybe because I spend too much time on my phone, who knows.

As usually the messages pile in asking me about plans and what I want and where I’m going.  I answer them with the smallest words I can possible find so that they don’t get the idea that I actually plan to do anything all out, otherwise the days following my birthday will be filled with questions about how I spent it, and I of course will like always never be in the mood for these questions.  the truth is I’m  doing absolutely nothing…out of the ordinary that is. The truth is I’m not overly concerned with birthday’s or the like. I won’t say that I will completely ignore it, but I wont go out of my way to enjoy it, more importantly I enjoy myself all the time and I certainly don’t need to wait until a date that happens once every year to do so.

I suppose this makes me sound unappreciative but to be honest I am not. I suppose I get more preoccupied by whether I watered my plants in wizard101, than what I’m going to do on my birthday. it may be funny to think that once I stop going to school for breaks I immediately lose track of the date and will not regain track until school starts again, I would imagine that this is unique to me but then again…

So as always thanks for reading, and I will see you soon.



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