A short Post on why Earth Hour is all wrong. We need more electricity, not less. – Slate Magazine

This is going to be an incredible short blog in fact lets not call it a blog lets call it an Ireadthisonlineandsharethesameview and thought I’d blog it situation, and yes I do hope you can read that, if you stumble along; good, people will glance over your shoulder to see what your reading I get some new readers, you get some new friends or critics I do hope it’s not the latter though and we all learn a very valuable lesson about how this whole energy thing really  works, i do plan on publishing an actual blog soon I have been incredible busy though with research papers and if you are in the Caribbean then you would know that CAPE and CSEC examinations are just around the corner so, i do have studying on the agenda, so I kind of just want to also take the opportunity to wish all the students who will be sitting these exams the best of luck in all your endeavours and just stay focused and try not to sweat it too hard  also I watched inception for the first time, today actually and I must say it was absolutely amazing so if you haven’t seen yet and you do want to…but just need that kick I’m giving you that kick right now it is completely worth it. Smile 

So thanks for reading don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and share and I’ll see you soon bye.

Earth Hour is all wrong. We need more electricity, not less. – Slate Magazine


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