Google Glass an addition to the Google Empire

I woke up this morning and thought I’d make a post, since its been awhile and I have the day to myself.I hope you are all well, I have been in and out of being happy and sad, but non the less I must trudge on. I suppose, you could say that there has much hype over technology since the ends of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, and while our lives have been moulded by these advancements, it has left many to wonder, is there ever such a place as too far where technology is concerned,  years ago speaking to someone as little as ten miles away seemed in a sense impossible yet today there is no distance to great for communication, space is proof that we have no bounds, where communication is concerned, astronauts are able too communicate even though they are in the exosphere and far outside the vision of anyone standing anywhere without a very powerful telescope.

I suppose my curiosity to think on these things was influenced by the latest invention by Google, who has in my opinion and the opinion of many others has literally become the pioneer in everything, the value of Google in its entirety is $10.492 billion, in advertising revenue  according to statistics supplied by the company itself for the 2006 fiscal year.

Now as the growing demand for data continues Google is only expected to continue growing despite the fierce competition from other pioneers in single sectors that is Bing which hopes to rival as the primary search provider,then there is the well noted Apple , who’s aptitude and dominance a=had sent it well launched in the era of mobile and tablet industry, Google also has competition in mapping, and as far as the autonomous vehicle industry,, also contends with Google with Google+ although it never quite caught on. Google could very soon not only exit but branch out of the virtual world, of software and into the physical world offering more tangible goods and services, this is already visible with its acquisition of the diminished technology company Motorola which good very well see Google taking a lead in the home, by providing Cable as well as internet since the company is already well footed in the industry of manufacturing state of the art receivers. Google also acquires a great deal of revenue from its ownership of one of the largest video sharing sites in the world, YouTube.

As the world advances so does Google and with its multitude of services now being offered by the company don’t be surprised when you may open a can of Google, for dinner or have to walk into a Google office to pay your taxes.

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Here’s a link to the newest ad for project glass Google Glass Advertisement Video – AskMen


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