Because we’re humans we…

It’s been a while I know, but as always I have been busy and as a result I’ve had no time for myself, so by default my blog suffered. However I’m back conditionally, so here I am, and here’s what I have to say.
We are humans. Despite some of our questionable actions we’re all humans, unless you’re a robot sent to read this terrible blog to determine the detriment of internet users. -_- if that’s the case #getlost, mans greatest achievement next to soap, the hashtag.
Anyway I’ve been thinking about, how the people I acquaint and don’t acquaint myself act and I’ve noticed some consistent trends, so I’m gonna be a total stoner now and use that handful to judge the world, besides they do it all the time when they say things like “an independent study showed” or “according to our research”, so here’s what I’m able to conclude from my observation.
1. Because we are humans we have the mastery of excuses, we can effortlessly conceive, countless amounts of excuses on spot, and that’s not just owing to higher level thinking, cause I know people with as much intellect as a caterpillar.
2. Because we’re humans we, need to feel like we’re apart of any group at any given point in time, as a result we created the #ikr yes that’s the most obvious form of our desperation to identify with someone or a group of people. I mean that clearly depicts how badly we want to identify with someone even its a situation we have never come across before.
3. Because we’re humans we are mastered and well learnt in the art of procrastination, thankfully everything that lived couldn’t procrastinate only we have that destructive talent, I mean imagine if fish decided not to spawn until some other time, or birds that should migrate just said [amongst themselves obviously because animals don’t talk to humans period]”let’s skip it this year”, it would be total anarchy.
4. Because we are humans we say things we wish we were actually doing, I mean the LOL, be honest how many times have you actually laughed when you say Lol? Usually the most is a chuckle yet, the intensity of our lol is much to the contrary. Yes we are excellent at telling people what they want to hear, aka lying, or human in exactitude.
And finally
5. Because we are humans we find ways to justify even the slightest and most inexplicable, things solely because we all refuse to be wrong at any given point in our lives.

Well that’s all for now thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. I’ll see you all soon. I also decided I would start telling you ahead what my next topic will be effective Monday, I do the next section. cheers 🙂


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