my life was ruined at 11:59 again

This is probably gonna be the only emotional blog I’ll ever write, and its because I think its worth writing or maybe its because I’m just angry, to be honest I’m not just angry at me I’m angry at everyone, but I’m also angry at no one and that’s next to insanity so this is suppose to be me venting my feelings so that I don’t have to do anything that I will regret doing, or say the wrong things to the wrong people or make something that can be worse, worse . So I’m gonna just say it here where I’m free to express my feelings and to walk the thin line of fantasy and reality, I guess most lately I have been wanting to escape reality, because I think reality is too much to bare or maybe its too much for me to bare, maybe it is that I’m scared of it, scared of not being accomplished scared of not reaching goals because in this reality reaching your goals is the exception, not the rule and I’m afraid I’m already stuck in the rule forever endowed to see failure around every corner and people may say “oh nothing you’re feeling hasn’t been felt before” but they’re wrong everyone is unique and everyone feels things differently, we handle things differently we all see things differently we aren’t in a vacuum and life isn’t always one shape or another.
So I’m writing this blog not because I’m in the mood to write but because I need to pour out my feelings and this is the best canvas I could find, the only canvas that was limitless that wouldn’t need me to cut too deep to get out the paint I need, so this is my canvas and this post is my painting a painting that will tell my tale of stupid anger that won’t get me anywhere but that I can’t help feeling because its a real anger one that’s deep within my mind, the one that keeps me just off the brim of insanity the one that makes me keep in mind the fact that this a reality that I’m not in a mad dream, that I am not going to wake up from, a dream that has me stretched to my ends, one that makes me sick to the core… Some people think I have it lucky because I don’t explain the intricacies of my life with them mainly because I don’t want to, but mostly because I don’t trust them, they aren’t there for me they’re there for themselves, they are just my own self desire to accept this as a reality and to retain my sanity, to feel the thirst of a million deserts but a thirst for something you don’t know, that you can’t explain, isn’t that insanity in itself?
My mind reels at its own convulsions, which are dry and soulless, into the darkness my mind has plunged forever lost to the light of this reality from the next.


A short Post on why Earth Hour is all wrong. We need more electricity, not less. – Slate Magazine

This is going to be an incredible short blog in fact lets not call it a blog lets call it an Ireadthisonlineandsharethesameview and thought I’d blog it situation, and yes I do hope you can read that, if you stumble along; good, people will glance over your shoulder to see what your reading I get some new readers, you get some new friends or critics I do hope it’s not the latter though and we all learn a very valuable lesson about how this whole energy thing really  works, i do plan on publishing an actual blog soon I have been incredible busy though with research papers and if you are in the Caribbean then you would know that CAPE and CSEC examinations are just around the corner so, i do have studying on the agenda, so I kind of just want to also take the opportunity to wish all the students who will be sitting these exams the best of luck in all your endeavours and just stay focused and try not to sweat it too hard  also I watched inception for the first time, today actually and I must say it was absolutely amazing so if you haven’t seen yet and you do want to…but just need that kick I’m giving you that kick right now it is completely worth it. Smile 

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Earth Hour is all wrong. We need more electricity, not less. – Slate Magazine

Google Glass an addition to the Google Empire

I woke up this morning and thought I’d make a post, since its been awhile and I have the day to myself.I hope you are all well, I have been in and out of being happy and sad, but non the less I must trudge on. I suppose, you could say that there has much hype over technology since the ends of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, and while our lives have been moulded by these advancements, it has left many to wonder, is there ever such a place as too far where technology is concerned,  years ago speaking to someone as little as ten miles away seemed in a sense impossible yet today there is no distance to great for communication, space is proof that we have no bounds, where communication is concerned, astronauts are able too communicate even though they are in the exosphere and far outside the vision of anyone standing anywhere without a very powerful telescope.

I suppose my curiosity to think on these things was influenced by the latest invention by Google, who has in my opinion and the opinion of many others has literally become the pioneer in everything, the value of Google in its entirety is $10.492 billion, in advertising revenue  according to statistics supplied by the company itself for the 2006 fiscal year.

Now as the growing demand for data continues Google is only expected to continue growing despite the fierce competition from other pioneers in single sectors that is Bing which hopes to rival as the primary search provider,then there is the well noted Apple , who’s aptitude and dominance a=had sent it well launched in the era of mobile and tablet industry, Google also has competition in mapping, and as far as the autonomous vehicle industry,, also contends with Google with Google+ although it never quite caught on. Google could very soon not only exit but branch out of the virtual world, of software and into the physical world offering more tangible goods and services, this is already visible with its acquisition of the diminished technology company Motorola which good very well see Google taking a lead in the home, by providing Cable as well as internet since the company is already well footed in the industry of manufacturing state of the art receivers. Google also acquires a great deal of revenue from its ownership of one of the largest video sharing sites in the world, YouTube.

As the world advances so does Google and with its multitude of services now being offered by the company don’t be surprised when you may open a can of Google, for dinner or have to walk into a Google office to pay your taxes.

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Here’s a link to the newest ad for project glass Google Glass Advertisement Video – AskMen

Because we’re humans we…

It’s been a while I know, but as always I have been busy and as a result I’ve had no time for myself, so by default my blog suffered. However I’m back conditionally, so here I am, and here’s what I have to say.
We are humans. Despite some of our questionable actions we’re all humans, unless you’re a robot sent to read this terrible blog to determine the detriment of internet users. -_- if that’s the case #getlost, mans greatest achievement next to soap, the hashtag.
Anyway I’ve been thinking about, how the people I acquaint and don’t acquaint myself act and I’ve noticed some consistent trends, so I’m gonna be a total stoner now and use that handful to judge the world, besides they do it all the time when they say things like “an independent study showed” or “according to our research”, so here’s what I’m able to conclude from my observation.
1. Because we are humans we have the mastery of excuses, we can effortlessly conceive, countless amounts of excuses on spot, and that’s not just owing to higher level thinking, cause I know people with as much intellect as a caterpillar.
2. Because we’re humans we, need to feel like we’re apart of any group at any given point in time, as a result we created the #ikr yes that’s the most obvious form of our desperation to identify with someone or a group of people. I mean that clearly depicts how badly we want to identify with someone even its a situation we have never come across before.
3. Because we’re humans we are mastered and well learnt in the art of procrastination, thankfully everything that lived couldn’t procrastinate only we have that destructive talent, I mean imagine if fish decided not to spawn until some other time, or birds that should migrate just said [amongst themselves obviously because animals don’t talk to humans period]”let’s skip it this year”, it would be total anarchy.
4. Because we are humans we say things we wish we were actually doing, I mean the LOL, be honest how many times have you actually laughed when you say Lol? Usually the most is a chuckle yet, the intensity of our lol is much to the contrary. Yes we are excellent at telling people what they want to hear, aka lying, or human in exactitude.
And finally
5. Because we are humans we find ways to justify even the slightest and most inexplicable, things solely because we all refuse to be wrong at any given point in our lives.

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My ever correct horoscope…

This is one of those on the spot posts, so pardon any inaccuracy that may come out of it, but I’ll do my best not to make any though.
So a minute ago I went ahead and checked my horoscope after seeing someone on the HomePage of one of the lamest sites ever, of course that’s by comparison and to some its probably not, that bad. Anyway after a while I decided that it had been a while since I had mine, so I found it pretty surprising when, the words for my horoscope, almost seemed as if they came from me, and not some cyber astrologer who wants to make a quick buck deceiving the masses, and from reading that you should notice that I seem to have it out for astrologers, but that’s not true I appreciate their talents, I just fail to express my appreciation for things in the usual predefined way that people usually expect…and so they think I’m mean or something.
Anyway for those who don’t know I’m a Taurus, so I went on and a couple clicks got me to my horoscope and here’s what it says: “The only good thing about being on an emotional roller coaster is that you never feel the same way for long. One moment you’re up, the next you’re down. You can’t figure out what it is you want. Rather than drag your loved ones along on the ride, get away from your usual environment. You will be a lot better off alone. And something more important may come out of these moments of solitude!” How exciting especially since that’s what I’ve been telling everyone since yesterday, talk about confirmation… 🙂 well that’s all for now thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon, I have so much work and studying, so I have been incredible busy.