If I could sue you I would…

Sometimes I hear about people getting sued and I think, geeh that sucks but the again, I sometimes take the side of the people doing the suing, as I think about it I started wondering about some of  some of the things i would sue someone for, stupid as some of them may be here they are;

1. I would sue biscuit companies that make sandwich cookies that have one half turned the wrong way.

I know it should be no biggy but I hate it completely. It makes me feel like my sandwich is tampered with, speaking of sandwiches, which side of a slice of bread is the front?

2. I would sue companies that make un-user friendly packages, Prime example Soldanza plaintain chips they use a small black triangle to indicate a less than a millimeter diameter tear that you’re suppose to use to open it. Failing to find this is to your ruin since the rest of the bag is sealed pretty tight one hard tug and boom plaintain chips all over the place.

3. I would sue the comany that gives some of the slightest instructions in their mannuals yet they leave out some of the more key points. for example they’ll tell you not to use it in the bath tub, but they won’t tell you what to do if, it does only some of what it’s suppose to do, or if it asks for some complicated code.

I mean really? I’m sure atleast everyone has experienced that before.

I have a lot more people to sue but I have to cut my post short since i have a mountain of work and if it wasn’t for the toxic chemical spill close to myyyyyy (y’s for emphasis) school and four others schools I would not have even be home yet. Thanks toxic chemical, you’re a life saver …I think -_-

As always thanks for reading, don’t forget to,like, subscribe,comment, and share and I’ll see you all soon 🙂


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