When I’m not…blogging

To be honest when I’m not blogging I’m at school spending 10% of my brain power on thoughts about what I’m gonna blog about later, yes my life is very uneventful, so I use my speech skills and my blogging skills to satisfy my own self longing.
I got my phone back yesterday so that’s a big plus wooh cheers for me 🙂 besides that I have learnt to in a way function without my usual technology dependency, although I did use it to do my homework a couple minutes ago on the way to school which I’m still in the process of doing.
Besides thinking about my own blog I’m thinking about blogs I love reading because they cheer me up, can’t risk getting accused of slander or anything, so I won’t say their names but you guys should know yourselves 🙂 keep up the good blogging.
Don’t worry I do have a social life, although half the people who know me would beg to differ -_- since to them I wouldn’t survive, without my laptop, my blog or my phone.
Guys please I’m totally social all my wizard101 and pirate101 friends lists are filled. -_-
Ok so apparently I lack any form of social life anyway who says you need a social life? profiling much…
I’m just fine with my nervous, anxious, antisocial self.
I bid you adieu 🙂
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