My internet exploits and side-line ads

I can be honest, I’m a bit of a computer geek, not a nerd which is different because I don’t get preoccupied with all the technicalities of computers, I just know I’m fascinated with the whole ability of technology to satisfy my curiosity. Any way todays post is about, Side-line ads, you know what i mean right?

Those little strips of ads that change constantly. So I’ve been thinking, and I wonder don’t these adds sort of hinder you from doing what you initially visited the site to do? I mean for someone like me who gets distracted by windshield wipers, they can be a real drag.

But being such an avid internet user has taught me a lot about the Do’s and Don’ts of the internet. For one double clicking a link may make it take longer… I don’t want to suggest this is the complete fact but I have experienced it now and again.

My internet thirst has sometimes put me in very awkward positions in an attempt to pick up free to access Wi-Fi, so much so that i have learnt how to stay permanently still in order not to lose coverage, yes I’m pathetic like that, “Brush off shoulder”.

I suppose i have a great big internet life and to be honest I think Google, knows more about me than I know, about myself.

I suppose I’m what you would call a cyber-addict although that’s not a fancy enough term for me and I’ll definitely try and remember to ask my good friend, T. to slip me a huge word for it, because that’s what he’s best at… making us all feel inadequate, with his supremely dynamic and concise vocabulary… I wish I had bigger words to describe him -_- , because I can imagine how he’s tackle me about it when he reads this.

I suppose that’s all I have to say until later so until next time, don’t forget to like,share, comment and subscribe.

and I’ll see you soon. Smile


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