My failedNew years resolutions

So I’m here, with me are my apologies or rather my excuses disguised as apologies, you be the judge. As i’m pretty sure you all remembered, I said that this year I was gonna post every day, and now how long has it been since I last posted? about two weeks? yeah that’s about right. Well here are my excuses/apologies/ reasons for being away,

1. School, this little six letter place has an inconceivable way of consuming all my time in fact i spend six hours a day there, then another five or so with baseless chatter among friends, so yes school is definitely a big reason as to why I’ve been away so long.

2. The second reason, that should to be honest be the first is that I don’t have my phone. Yes you read right, I to be honest am not sure how I’m still alive but I have been without my phone for the entire duration of the time i’ve been away. Up until this point I haven’t gotten it back yet, so I’m sure you can in some way sympathize with me, presuming you read my previous blogs where I made mention of the importance that is beyond measure which my phone has in my life.

3. The third reason is more personal but non the less it’s significant, I’m moving, and for those of you who like to get everything explained I just mean I”m going to live somewhere else sheesh, what would you do without me… “inside joke” -_-

Anyway so much  for my New Years resolution, to be honest the past events have in a way opened my eyes though, i suppose when you get unplugged this long you realize so much more, about the world around you.

I realized that i could actually talk to my parents besides asking for something, or passing on a school endorsed message. Yes I realised the unthinkable…they’re people too, and our realms aren’t so different after all.

Even more amazing is that I made dinner!!!, and I don’t mean the Maccaroni and Cheese Dinner that has those three little easy, instructions that rivals Gieco’s “so easy a cave man can do it…”. I mean actual dinner, yeah I’m talking about real food, the food that you have to put in a plate and set a table and all that stuff. I’ll tell you about it in my upcoming blogs so keep it in mind.

Lastly I learnt that, i take a lot of what my phone offers for granted and yes that includes Blackberry Messenger.

Non the less not being plugged in has taught me to relax not to be so anxious and to just enjoy life, I’ve smiled like never before since not having my phone and I’ve even done things like tidied my own room, that anyone can admit is like a miracle and a crime to the teenage revolution.

But I anticipate my phone only this time I’ll handle it more responsible… or maybe not we’ll see šŸ˜‰

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6 thoughts on “My failedNew years resolutions

  1. I set up blog articles ahead of time – right now I have one each day stretching out to the 28th … they’re just photos – but photos I LOVE! šŸ™‚
    Just a thot. Some people are not consistent bloggers – but only do it when the mood strikes them … šŸ˜‰ I’m like that. And I like your excuses … I mean LOL!

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