Are you ok?

Today was better than yesterday where eventfulness is compared, then again that’s not entirely true, to be honest I just had more thoughts going today, and as a result I had something to post about.
I didn’t have school today, so I did the noble thing and stayed home, stuffed my face and watched cable tv, and browsed the internet, and because I know facebook came to your mind when you read “browse” and “internet” in said order, I just want to protect my integrity and say I actually didn’t go on, “whew” that out of the way here’s what this post is about.
Since the dawn of action movies and helpless civilians the phrase “are you ok?” Has become in a way a tragic excuse for consideration, I mean honestly why must script writers ignore the fact that the “are you ok?” Line has become a devastating cliché of its former significance? I mean if we were to be fair, there’s just limited purpose for it.
Firstly the intention I assume is to invoke the audiences sympathy, something that in my view would have come whether or not there was the torment of having to hear the “are you ok?” Followed by the “yeah I’m ok” lie, then the “ok let’s go” reply and the “groans and limps for the next minute or so”
Secondly, the question just seems a little cheeky, honestly
*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you ok?
*guy “ yeah I’m fine
Seriously? And what’s worse is how it goes like that almost all the time.
What I would love to happen more often is this
*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you…
*guy” save it cindy, *gets up and leaves

*guy gets blasted
*girl “o my gosh are you ok?
*guy ” do I look like I’m ok?
*girl -_-
Because Hollywood’s repetitive ways must come to and end, who’s with me??
O before I go though, if you don’t mind the “are you ok?” Lines then be sure to go check out Hansel & Gretel witch hunters now in theaters I’m giving it a 4/5 stars.
Also don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and comment 🙂 see you soon.


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