Hey everyone hope you all had a great weekend.
So I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized I’m completely obsessed with making excuses, I suppose its a desire to not be wrong, so I justify the craziest things then again maybe its just part of my crazy jacked up mind, it also kinda drives my best friends nuts the way I always have an answer for everything, sometimes shocks even me how super charged my brain can get when I find myself pushed into a corner, I’d say if I was a super hero my power would be excuses and I’d be able to get out of every situation.
Sorry today I’m having writers block nothing interesting happened but part of sticking to the plan, is to remain consistent so here I am being consistent by posting random junk and hoping I’ll make someone smile because that’s what blogging is all about really your own selfless decision to share your life, your experiences, your interests with someone else, who you don’t even know and you’re both a world apart but linked by a common desire to learn.
Have a wonderful evening everyone šŸ™‚


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