Now its FjEaBnRuUaArRyY

So its a new month and I still feel ridiculous, I so far haven’t really felt that achieved feeling, you know the one you get when you have passed an important mark in your life and you wish you had achieved, the things you had outlined in the last days of December to put in your exotic and dynamic “New years resolutions”. So far I haven’t really touched my new years resolutions even at the surface, I suppose it may be due to my own, inadequacies or perhaps it is due to the fact that life at this point seems to be traveling a little faster than I could ever understand or hope to reduce, lately there has been a surge of responsibilities, duties, expectations, and so much to contend with, that one would feel as though they are going to burst.
To be honest my “me-time” has been limited to the bare minimum and there is little evidence that it will return to its former presidency, these days you have to just work the present and work with the past, and just keep going forward, since doubt is fatal, no regrets, and that’s why it’s FjEaBnRuUaArRyY for me now.
Thanks for reading hope you all had a great week, don’t forget to like, share subscribe and comment, see you soon :).


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